SuperFrancoFête: an exciting tour of the Francophonie in 40 tracks


If Jules Verne once took the hero of his famous novel around the world in 80 days, the organizers of the SuperFrancoFête 2.0 have chosen to take a generous tour of the Francophonie world in 40 well-chosen songs, Wednesday evening, at the Agora del Quebec.

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In a postcard setting that included an illuminated Château Frontenac overlooking the stage in the distance, several timeless classics and beautiful discoveries confronted each other during this exciting show with a rhythmic and refined staging.

One of the greatest merits of this new SuperFrancoFête will have been to remind us that the world francophone repertoire is rich in musical treasures.

There were some from Quebec, delivered in particular by Louis-Jean Cormier, Salebarbes, Damien Robitaille and Corneille, from Europe also with the appreciated participation of Michel Fugain and Patrick Bruel and also from Africa represented among others by Tiken Jah Fakoly and the delightful festive Ivorian group Magic System.

It was an opportunity, said Angélique Kidjo, who hosted with Garou and Nolwenn Leroy, to celebrate what unites “French speakers around the world”.

Mission accomplished, promise fulfilled!

All generations

Although the average age of the 5,000 people who had free access to the Agora was, at sight, quite high, it was certainly an appointment for all generations.

The sole representative of the original 1974 SuperFrancoFête, 78-year-old Robert Charlebois wowed the crowd with a rousing piano interpretation ofOrdinary.

Moments earlier, the crystal clear voice of Belgian Mentissa, 23, wowed everyone when she delivered a deep version of her hit. And bam, superbly accompanied by DM Nation’s troupe of dancers, used judiciously on multiple occasions. The discovery of the evening.

Tribute to René Lévesque

René Lévesque’s 100th birthday has not passed over in silence. Maka Kotto’s rereading of a speech he gave in Paris in 1985 caused a strong reaction from the crowd.

With about thirty artists at his disposal, the director has been able to orchestrate various artistic encounters. Some were obvious, for example the union of Zachary Richard and Salebarbes on My trip to Louisiana.

Others have united continents, as when this same Zachary Richard collaborated with Angélique Kidjo from Benin to revisit The tree is in its leaves.

There is little to complain about this rain-spared evening, other than that the performers, when they weren’t using the catwalk and moving towards the floor and stayed on the main stage, sometimes seemed far away from the audience. .

The artisans of the SuperFrancoFête, however, had a lucky hand by preserving the indispensable, and still current, hymn of hope by Raymond Lévesque for the final. When men live of lovewhich brought together all the artists on stage and created a choir of 5,000 voices.

The honor of ending the show then went to Patrick Bruel, who he concluded with Square of the great men “Giving us an appointment in a year”.

If the organizers wondered if they should make it an annual event, they had their answer.

► The SuperFrancoFête will be broadcast over the next few months on TVA, TV5 Monde and TV5 Québec-Canada in more than 200 countries.

What the artists think of the French language

The French language is the only one, along with English, to be present in the five continents. […] The Francophone world has given birth to magnificent and great songs that manage to make us live beautiful stories of fraternity. “

– Angelica Kidjo

The French language is vast, it is lively. It seems that when he encounters new landscapes, he invents thousands of shades. […] French is a path, it’s up to us to follow it. “

– Fred Pellerin

“The time has come for the Francophonie to play its role, that is, to act as an environment for the emergence of this new solidarity between peoples and cultures. “

– Maka Kotto, quoting René Lévesque in Paris, in 1985

If we celebrate the SuperFrancoFête today, it is a nod to the great event of 1974, right here in Quebec, which would have given birth to the International Organization of the Francophonie. “

– Nolwenn Leroy

“Francophonie is this integral humanism, which is intertwined around the Earth: this symbiosis of the dormant energies of all continents, of all races, which awaken to their complementary warmth. “

– Kim Thúy, quoting the former president of Senegal, Léopold Sedor Senghor


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