Steve Laplante in 10 Outstanding Roles


In just over 25 years of activity, Steve Laplante has been able to establish himself in theater, television and cinema. He comments for us on some notable productions in which he participated.

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Marc-André Lussier

Marc-André Lussier
The print

4 and a half (1994–2001)


Robert Brouillette and Isabelle Brossard in 4 and a half

Texts: Sylvie Lussier and Pierre Poirier

“I had already done some things on television, but there the character of this nice neighbor was a little more coherent, even if he was really sketchy and not very present. I am still happy to have known the time when he was shooting fiction on Radio-Canada, with those days when we were entitled to three rehearsals with old cameras. When we watch this TV because today we no longer care with the eyes, it obviously looks a bit folkloric, but I keep the memory of a beautiful band. “

Coastline (2004)


Steve Laplante inside Coast, a film adaptation of Wajdi Mouawad’s play, directed by the playwright himself.

Screenplay and production: Wajdi Mouawad

Created on stage in 1997, Wajdi Mouawad’s play was the subject of a film adaptation, directed by the playwright himself, in 2004. “The real adventure took place in the theater and lasted four or five years virtually anywhere in the world. really extraordinary because thanks to Coastline, after that I was no longer afraid of anything in the theater. I had to go through the full range of emotions, I had to do monologues and I had Gilles Renaud on my shoulders for half of the show ! This piece made me miss the impostor syndrome I felt during my student years. As soon as we left school, the profession could also quickly return because we performed this piece in all kinds of rooms and in all kinds of conditions. ”

The Invincible (2005–2009)


Pierre François, Rémi-Pierre Paquin, François Létourneau and Patrice Robitaille, headliner of Invincible

Texts: François Létourneau and Jean-François Rivard

Director: Jean-Francois Rivard

“I am happy to be part of the universe of François Létourneau, unique, crazy, surprising, a bit like that of Stéphane Lafleur, but in other colors, another rhythm. I really enjoyed it a lot The Invincible, mostly because I played the man who had a threesome with Patrice Robitaille and Edith Cochrane. He was very funny and completely playful. We also shot an epic scene that I have fond memories of. This series also marked the arrival of François on television and we felt he was bringing something new. I felt lucky to be able to witness this. ”

You love me (2012)


Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Steve Laplante and Sébastien Huberdeau in You love mea series written by Frédéric Blanchette and Steve Laplante, produced by Podz.

Texts: Frédéric Blanchette and Steve Laplante

Director: Podz

This one-season series earned Steve Laplante Gemini nominations for Best Screenplay and Best Actor in a Comedy. “Frédéric Blanchette, with whom I had previously worked in the theater, called me to participate in the writing, even though I had never written anything for television. We sent a first version of a text to the producers, following which we were assigned a screenwriter, Michèle Tougas. Her participation was very useful because it is thanks to her that I really learned to write. That said, we hit a wall a bit during filming and can’t really speak of a great success. The duty also put us on the flop of the year… “

Leo (2020 – ongoing)

Texts: Fabien Cloutier, Steve Laplante, Erika Soucy and Claude Lalonde

Director: Jean-François Chagnon


In addition to playing Leo along with Fabien Cloutier, Steve Laplante is one of the writers of the hit series.

In 2019 and 2020, Leo earned Steve Laplante two Gemini nominations for Best Screenplay and a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. “Fabien Cloutier’s shows gave me back my taste for writing, four or five years later. You love me, which bothered me a little. For Leo, we had to find the right mix to see how far we could push this universe on TV. There are things from Scotland And Cranbourne which obviously we could not transpose as it is because no broadcaster would have agreed to put it on the air. At the same time, we didn’t want to distort the original work either. The people at TVA trusted us and really followed us, which is great luck. Leo it’s one of those truly life changing projects. In five seasons, real bonds have been woven between us. “

After (2021)


Steve Laplante’s performance in the series After earned the comedian a Gemini nomination in the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category.

Texts: François Pagé

Director: Louis Choquette

In 2022, After earned Steve Laplante a Gemini finalist in the Best Actor in a Drama Series category. “Director Louis Choquette is very important to me, because over the years he has given me real possibilities. Specifically, I did three seasons of Gentleman with him, three seasons of watchtower also, as well. Louis gave me several more comedic roles, but there, for the first time, he offered me a dark, dark, mixed, gray character. It’s really funny when a director you’ve worked with often sees you in something completely different. An actor’s challenge is to always expand his palette. When we give you the opportunity, it is a gift. “

Baby sitter (2022)

Screenplay: Catherine Léger

Director: Monia Chokri

“Once again, I had the chance to create the piece on stage first. Catherine Léger is also a unique author who has her own universe and who knows how to take us to a place where a male author could never go. I like the emergence of the words of such strong women. I have rarely played a character with so many flaws, so full of himself, but I love to play such a character, even if a bit exploited as a man to serve this word. This piece was very successful in Quebec. Monia Chokri came to visit her and without knowing it, I think I auditioned for the film on stage! “

The cheaters (2022)

Screenplay and Production: Louis Godbout

“That also came a little bit from the left field. Immediately after the first confinement, the plateaus practically all reactivated at the same time. I was called at the last minute because the actor who was supposed to play the role couldn’t do it anymore. Louis Godbout did not know me, but Christine Beaulieu and Benoît Gouin told him about me. And he allowed me to reconcile with golf! Filming took place in a kind of bubble, which ensured that a good team spirit could be established, a nice collegiality. “

Pet (2022)


Steve Laplante and Evelyne Brochu enter Peta series written by Simon Boulerice, directed by Marie-Claude Blouin and Félix Tétreault

Texts: Simon Boulerice

Director: Marie-Claude Blouin and Frédéric Tétreault

“It’s an anxiety-provoking series that we know the outcome of in advance, but the challenge is to show how we can get there. I like that not everything is neither all white nor all black. I believe that Simon Boulerice wanted to propose a complex story based on an unhealthy situation, in front of which we really don’t know where to put ourselves. Of course, we condemn, but the series also shows how all this can be insidious, how it can happen, how this perfect storm can form. My character is the one who is on the railroad tracks and who doesn’t hear the train coming back. Pet it is also part, I believe, of a desire to modernize our television. ”

two golden women (2023):


Steve Laplante is in the cast of two golden womena theatrical adaptation of the famous Claude Fournier film, written by Catherine Léger.

Text: Catherine Leger

Director: Philippe Lambert

“We were supposed to play the show at Unicorn in 2020, then in January 2022, but hopefully there we should finally be able to play it next spring. Catherine Léger kept the scheme of Claude Fournier’s film: two bored women decide to take lovers to be bored. Then, of course, we had to translate this into our times and Catherine tackled very topical issues. I play several characters, including her depressed husband who thinks her marriage is fine when at least one of them takes antidepressants. I also play the repairman, the exterminator, the cable guy … “


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