‘Star spy’ trial: ‘Horrible’ to see his privacy violated, says music personality


A singing star who had several of her intimate photos found on the alleged “star spy’s” computer equipment called the anguish she experienced “horrific.” Thrilled by the images presented, she lamented the “violation” of her privacy.

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It was at the sight of a family photo that this music business personality whose identity is protected could not hold back tears.

“It’s hard to see his private life distributed like that,” he said during his testimony at the trial of Pascal Desgagnés, which resumed on Monday after a week’s break.

Crown prosecutor Julien Gaudet-Lachapelle then presented the complainant with intimate photos of her and her ex-spouse. Once again, the emotion was strong.

“It was private,” the alleged victim insisted, adding that these images “should never see the light of day” be published. “Under no circumstances should we have to live what we live today,” she hammered out.

Constant fear

Especially since precautions had been taken, Judge Rachel Gagnon explained in her videoconference testimony from a court in the greater Montreal area.

When she and her ex-spouse took photos or videos in an intimate setting, it was always with her phone and not her spouse’s, she said.

“He was with my phone because he also didn’t want to use his and I think one day it might turn against me, that I might not trust him. He preferred to use my phone to give me that confidence,” explained the artist, who says he has been losing sleep over fears these images would be distributed or even sold.

While she said she was never ashamed to make these images in a personal context, she admitted the fear came with the knowledge that a potentially malicious person could get their hands on this sensitive content.

“It’s not something shameful in itself to have this kind of content there. But when it’s no longer in your hands, when it has the potential to hurt a lot of people a lot, then suddenly there’s a kind of shame, a kind of embarrassment. It’s not easy,” the woman testified, adding that she felt the ground slip out from under her feet as investigators told her the extent of her loss.

“It is something that should belong to us, which is precious, whatever its nature, something that we trust whether we are dealing with two people, a couple, friends or a family. It should never end up in anyone else’s hands.”

“Deep malaise”

Two other plaintiffs testified Monday morning about the consequences of hacking their iCloud on their lives, also evoking fear, stress and anxiety.

“It invaded my privacy and caused me a lot of stress. Especially the viewing of photos and videos made for me and my closest friends, in a private way and the fact that there are so many [de gens] I have seen these pieces,” explained one of the young women, describing how “deep unease” she felt at the idea that a stranger could have such personal images in his possession.

Like the other witnesses already heard, these complainants claimed that their personal iCloud data had been found on Pascal Desgagnés’ computer.

Three other witnesses are expected to be heard on Monday afternoon.

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