Song with sexist lyrics on TikTok: “We didn’t choose this music”, explains Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois


Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois assures that he is not aware of the sexist lyrics of the song on which he danced with his colleague Manon Massé, time of a TikTok video proposed by influencer Emna Achour.

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“We didn’t choose this music,” explained the co-spokesperson for Québec Solidire, after his participation in this video earned him criticism.

In a short ten-second video released online Tuesday by comedian Emna Achour, we see Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Manon Massé offer their rendition of a viral dance on TikTok by borrowing rapper KJ’s music and song. Hit yourself with the Blick.

“We listened to the music very faintly, I never recognized the song,” said Mr Nadeau-Dubois, when asked on Friday.

For the record, filming took place shortly before controversy broke out over the theft of a PQ flyer by his candidate Camille-Laurin, who eventually retired.

comic feminist

It was at the invitation of Emna Achour, who describes herself as an “anti-racist and eco-friendly feminist”, that the two co-spokespersons agreed to play the game.

“There was a time when politicians were asked for photos. After that it was the selfies. Today, politicians are often asked about TikTok, “said Nadeau-Dubois.

“A young woman, herself a proud feminist, comes up to us, says to Manon and me:” Eille, would you like to do a TikTok? She filmed it, we did it for her Instagram, it’s not a video produced by Quebec Solidire, ”she said.

The reality of 2022

“If it was our video, which we produced ourselves, we wouldn’t have chosen a song with lyrics like this,” he said, without wanting to minimize the lyrics we can hear in this song.

“This is the reality of the campaigns in 2022, he abandoned. (…) Things are moving fast in the age of social networks. I think it’s a story that reminds us that we need to exercise some caution and then we’ll do it. ”

“We can’t decide for the people, the songs melodies that people will wear, he added. I don’t want to minimize the lyrics themselves. When I heard them, they obviously annoyed me.

“She herself is a feminist influencer, she told us that she herself was not fully aware of the lyrics of this song, she said. (…) Me, I will not micro manage the TikTok accounts of every person I meet. She told us she was sorry, we had contact with her, it was not what she wanted.

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