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I have always been wary of primitive anti-Americanism.

Whenever I heard friends speak ill of the United States, I wanted to remind them that the country they cursed was the homeland of Philip Roth, Louis Armstrong, Jackson Pollock, James Baldwin, Carson McCullers, Orson Welles, etc.


But the further it goes, the harder it is for me to contradict the anti-Americans.

I look at what’s happening with our neighbors to the south and all I hear is fear.

It is an immense pain.

It is as if the works of the American artists I have venerated, their intelligence, their talent, their genius, no longer weighed against the colossal wave of stupidity that is engulfing the country.

What can a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat or a novel by Norman Mailer do against the gross ignorance of the masses and the hysterical extremism of the elites, both right and left?

Anything. We are no longer in the 1960s, when culture still had some influence – not to say some influence – on the direction the country could take.

Major novels are no longer on the bestseller list and universities have become propaganda factories for the latest trendy ideas.

In short, the more you go, the more I have the impression of seeing the Titanic sink.

To witness the slow and interminable agony of a civilization.

It was not the Russians who finally got the better of the United States, nor the Chinese.

They are the same Americans who will have set fire to their barracks.

The United States is literally imploding.

Consumed by their own demons.


I know it’s common to mention this author when it comes to the United States, but Alexis de Tocqueville had it all planned out.

In Democracy in Americahis magnum opus published in 1835, the famous French philosopher said that the notions of freedom and equality, so dear to the Americans, threatened to bring them to ruin if they came to consider them absolute values.

Because a company, whether we like it or not, is a chain.

However, the man who believes himself to be completely free and who does not recognize any form of authority (political, intellectual or moral) does not see himself as part of a chain, but as an autonomous and self-sufficient link. himself and owes nothing to anyone.

Not only will this individual avoid city affairs and focus only on his private life, but he will ultimately believe that his views are as valid as those of any expert.


This is currently happening in the United States.

Trump, that’s it: the perversion of the egalitarian ideal. The notion of equality has reached a climax.

All opinions are the same, no theory is more credible than another, as long as I have the conviction that something is true for it to become so.

How can a cohesive society be built on these foundations?

How to avoid crumbling?


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