Ricky Gervais’ lesson


You have seen SuperNaturathe special that Ricky Gervais recorded for Netflix?

It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen.

The British comedian, known for his sarcasm and caustic humor (he put several stars in their shoes when he hosted the Golden Globes gala), makes fun of it all.

Everyone takes him for their rank: Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, heterosexuals, gays, whites, blacks, men, women, children, the elderly and trans.

“You have to be inclusive! we are told from morning to evening.

Well, that’s what Ricky Gervais does.

It includes everyone.

Nobody is left behind.


SuperNatura broke all audience records and last week became the most watched special in the world.

Which shows that the vast majority of people 1) know the difference between a joke and a racist or homophobic attack, and 2) don’t give a damn, but then royally, what the self-proclaimed warriors of social justice say and think.

Hypersensitive bunnies can scream loud and clear that Ricky Gervais is transphobic because he opens his show by saying, “Do you remember when women didn’t have penises? (joke that makes everyone sitting in the room laugh with laughter), their hysterical indignation goes 25,000 feet above Mr. and Mrs. Everybody’s heads.

Because Mr. and Mrs. all know very well that this joke is just that, that is, a joke.

A joke.

A joke.

A humorous commentary on the spirit of the times and the social changes that are accelerating at the speed of the Grand V.

Nothing to rip off his shirt. Or he calls the UN.


Do you know the expression “Paper Tigers”?

This is what Mao said about the Americans.

“American imperialism is very powerful in appearance but in reality it has nothing to fear, it is a paper tiger,” Mao said in a speech delivered in July 1956.

“From the outside it is a tiger, but it is made of paper and cannot withstand either wind or rain. In my opinion, the United States is nothing more than a paper tiger. “

Well, it’s the same for woke up.

Oh, they’re scary woke upwhen they roar on social networks and in universities.

Wow, they look bad.

But they only have the power that is given to them.

If our cultural institutions stood up in front of these little operetta priests, instead of kneeling as soon as they bark, these “big tigers” would lose all their claws.

Do you know what Netflix bosses replied to activists demanding that Ricky Gervais be banned forever from the airwaves?

“Don’t you like Ricky Gervais’ humor? Well, he looks at something else … “

And they said the same to their “offended” employees.

“Don’t you agree that Netflix is ​​showing Ricky Gervais specials? Well, go to work somewhere else … “

Here you are.

This is the only thing to tell them.


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