Renée Martel’s daughter is preparing a project in homage to her mother


Renée Martel’s daughter is currently preparing a recording project that will pay homage to her mother’s musical repertoire. Laurence Lebel highlights, in her own way, the common passion that united mother and daughter: music.

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Laurence Lebel has been sailing the music industry since her early childhood, having accompanied her mother, Renée Martel, backstage across Quebec. But over the past decade, it’s working in this industry, mainly with emerging artists, that Laurence has made her way. This is what leads her today to give life to a musical project that unites her passion, her friends and the artists she cares about to pay homage to the vast musical repertoire of her mother, who passed away last year. December 18. “It is a project that was already there for me when my mother was still with us. I talked to him about it, saying, “Can you imagine if I’ve gathered all my up-and-coming friends and honored your catalog?” She has supported and loved the next generation so much! My mother was eager for discoveries. When we discussed together, our exchanges revolved around music. It was our collection point, ”Laurence tells us.

A photo of Renée Martel and her daughter Laurence in the late 1980s.

Photo: Personal collection

A photo of Renée Martel and her daughter Laurence in the late 1980s.

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A personal touch to his mother’s catalog

Four years ago, Laurence Lebel approached the producers to make her project happen, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. After her mother died, she contacted Productions Martin Leclerc, who managed Renée Martel for fifteen years. The answer was positive. “It was an automatic yes! In my opinion, Pilou was the best person to work on this project. I’ve known him since pop jam, at MusiquePlus, where artists have come to use another artist’s title to adapt it to their own style. And that’s exactly what we want to do with this record: bring together a new generation, or at least artists who have never participated in a project with my mother. We want to get off the beaten path. We offer them a catalog of 20 to 30 songs from my mother, in which they draw.

What are your expectations? “I expect to hear this album and I wonder what this song was originally about. I would say that there is also the will to take the cliché and the country label out of the catalog. There are more and more emerging artists, including Alex Burger, who they are involved in the democratization of style, so we will go even further and get closer to the young people who grew up with my mother’s and my grandfather’s music. (Marcello Martello)but who will put their own touch on it ”.

Tribute album offers, Laurence Lebel received several after her mother left. But she already had his idea of ​​him in mind. “I didn’t want to take it easy and bring together artists who had already sung with her. I wanted to put him at risk. I also wanted to tell a story. It’s my very personal way of highlighting her career. ”

This album, due out in 2023, should also include some very important points for her: “For me it was essential that it was the same, so 50% men and 50% women. From this percentage, I want to take emerging artists, but also established ones, “he adds, confirming that the artists are enthusiastic about this project, including Pilou, who cried when Laurence asked to make the album.” He was moved by my This is a first professional milestone for us, which has turned into a strong friendship.

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A silent mentor

The taste for music comes from his family. From her mother, Renée Martel, and her grandfather, Marcel Martel. “I’ve always been surrounded by artists and producers. When I was very young, I followed my mother and went to see shows. It was like our daily life. As a child I was interested in new bands. I listened to the radio and all the Galaxie channels. I had a desire to know everything. One thing led to another, I started working in HMV and I couldn’t see myself in another field.

Laurence started working in this environment in the early 2010s. “I held many positions to learn how the industry works, but also because I was looking for myself as a professional. However, when I was 15, I went to my guidance counselor and told him I wanted to work promoting French-language music in a record company. So I have always focused on promoting music of all styles, in any way possible.

If Laurence had her way, her mother has always been her guide. “She was mostly like a silent mentor. While working in this environment, I happened to regularly meet people with whom she had worked. There was an exchange of knowledge between these people and me, and between me and my mother. Whenever I had a doubt, an “insecurity” about the environment, I called her and she helped me to put things in perspective, to see things differently thanks to her experience of her.

A dose of love that makes you feel good

Renée Martel’s death surprised Quebec and the singer’s fans. Testimonies of love have come from all parts of her for her family, who welcomed them with great affection. “She touched me enormously and she also helped me overcome this shock. She moved me to see artists and politicians show their love for my mother. It was then that I realized the magnitude of her career. In 2022 it is rare to see artists with 70 years of career and an audience that is still renewing itself.

Of his mother, Laurence Lebel has a very precious memory: “I would tell you that at this moment what comes to mind most is her laugh. These are the discussions we had on the phone, the somewhat naive exchanges between a mother and her daughter. It was also his birthday in June; he would have been 75 years old. This also occurred to me, ”she told us, moved.

Laurence Lebel is focusing on many other music projects, including managing Super Plage and Alexe Gaudreault. He is also general manager of the Artifice company, dedicated to music and emerging artists.

Laurence Lebel’s musical project will see the light in 2023.

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