Prince Harry disinherited by Charles – His real father’s secret revealed


Since his accession to the British throne, King Charles would have decided to put an end to the vagueness surrounding his parentage with Prince Harry. A DNA test should determine the truth about his parents. A legacy of millions of people is at stake.

“He wants to know the truth. And it could cost Harry more than his father, “said a source close to the royal family, quoted by Star magazine, who wonders if the Duke of Sussex is really the son of Charles, or that of James Hewitt, this former soldier who is he is formerly presented as Princess Diana’s mistress.A new book in British bookstores claims that this now lonely man met Princess Diana two years before the birth of her second child.

“Harry must be of royal blood to inherit anything from the queen, including royal jewels, property and all other possessions,” explains the anonymous source.

An emergency meeting that William and Harry would be invited to.
Prince Charles will “threaten” Harry to disinherit him and his children if he does not undergo a DNA test.

According to Star magazine, Prince William would be uncomfortable with his stories and would support Prince Harry, whom he has always protected.


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