Pieces of her | Done in pieces or a collector’s item?


Critics destroyed the thriller Pieces of her from Netflix. it’s pathetic, cheapbland, sloppy, incongruous and (insert a synonym for bad from bad here).

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However, subscribers have pushed themselves forward Pieces of her on the first steps of the podium of the most followed Netflix series. For example, professional couch potatoes and amateur telephones rarely tune their violins, even though the accordion is so beautiful, good.

Now, who is right, who is wrong in this heated debate that divides as much as Maripier Morin and Julien Lacroix’s contemporary return to Quebec spectacle?

Being part of both camps, I jumped on Pieces of herHis true face, in French version – like a new Canada Goose on a Frenchman of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Verdict? The reviews didn’t lie. It’s an implausible and disconnected suspense, a kind of Homeland poor. It bothers me to write it, but it’s also very captivating and compelling, my sweetheart, it’s a shame I like it, a little bit.

Halfway through the eight hour-long episodes, the rehearsals surfaced as actress Toni Collette’s enigmatic smile: I had been sucked into this soap thriller meander and I would have come to the end, at the cost of my sanity.

The first episode crashes at full speed and creates a fairly conventional mother-daughter dynamic. Speech therapist Laura Oliver (Toni Collette) lives in Belle-Isle, a resort town in Georgia in the southern United States. Failed artist, her daughter Andy her, 30, answers the phone in a police station and still lives with her mother, who suffered from breast cancer.

During Andy’s birthday lunch, a gun fight breaks out in the restaurant and Laura, like a high-level ninja, overwhelms the shooter in a mind-blowing way. This heartbreaking scene involves a butcher knife and a stabbed hand. It’s totally ridiculous or completely fantastic, depending on our mindset.

Like us in front of the screen, Andy can’t believe it. His mother, so sweet and serene, cut a man’s throat without the slightest emotion and with surgical precision? Obviously, this Laura (Toni Collette) hides huge secrets about her and her daughter Andy is busy collecting the little fragments of her, as Roxane Bruneau would sing.

Adapted from a Karin Slaughter thriller, Pieces of her then it explodes in all directions. It is both a street movie, a twisted family saga and semi-political espionage thriller. The tone oscillates between the psychological drama and the more or less hypothesized soap opera.

The most surprising thing is the sudden transformation of Andy, who passes, in 20 minutes, from an extinct young thirty-year-old, borderline neurasthenic, to agent Carrie Mathison on the Four Loko.

Andy steals cars, flirts in seedy bars, outwits criminals and discovers the subtle art of the wig. What Andy looks for while on the run is his mother Laura’s past, which looks like a mix of Jason Bourne and Lara Croft’s, but also hers, which has always been hazy.

If you consume Harlan Coben’s series on Netflix, you’ve probably already devoured it Pieces of her thanks to the Netflix algorithm. It’s the TV Popcornwhich fills a corner with less furnished lateral masterpieces of this period of the small screen.

Salsa and solidarity!

There is only one episode left – Monday night’s grand finale – of this tasty season of Chiefs! to Radio Canada. Yes, time flies as fast as 20 minutes during a Beef Rossini Challenge.

During the semi-final duel, we witnessed such a rare culinary event Chiefs! an episode in which Jean-Luc Boulay doesn’t talk about sauce or butter or both.


After he finished his dishes, Adrian helped Anthony prepare his dish.

With only 30 seconds left on the clock, Prince Adrian abandoned his four plates to come to the aid of his compatriot Anthony, who hadn’t started seasoning his dishes. Without Adrian’s help, Anthony would have served the vacuum to the judges, who would have pinched their beak even more than usual. As if they had bitten into a lemon.

The most heartbreaking thing is that Adrian, who cuts himself faster than his shadow, catapulted Anthony into the final thanks to the push he gave him while Élyse Marquis talked about the last seconds of the race.

Chef Colombe St-Pierre obviously praised the beauty of Adrian’s gesture, which could have made his partner sink to secure his place in the final. Hand. Adrian opted for solidarity and it was much nicer to see than a close-up of a monkfish.

A few days before the grand finale, Jean-Christophe’s victory and Élliot’s resurrection shake the odds. Ah! then no, I’m staying with Amine, the cook of the heart. Keep the Archibald cold!


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