Parties Quebec | The candidate Pierre-Luc Brillant asks for a reflection on the place of the polls


Freshly invested as a Parti Québécois candidate in the Rosemont race in Montreal, actor Pierre-Luc Brillant believes the time has come to review our relationship with political polls. The Parti Québécois can surprise, especially if its leader gets enough visibility, he too believes.

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Vincenzo Larin

Vincenzo Larin
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Before speaking to a packed audience at the Petite-Côte Community Center, which also featured many party candidates, on Thursday evening, Pierre-Luc Brillant said he expected surprises in the upcoming elections.

“By talking about polls, it’s like we’re putting it in people’s heads that life is a poll,” he said. “I was talking to Alexis [Brunelle-]Duceppe (deputy of the Québécois Bloc in the Lac-Saint-Jean stables), and was 8% when the [dernières] elections [fédérales] “, He stressed in a press scrum, shortly before his speech.

According to him, the polls do not take into account some local dynamics.


Pierre-Luc Brillant believes that its leader may be able to surprise and that the party’s poor results in polls are mainly due to the lack of media exposure it had during the pandemic.

We should stop raising this argument as scientific proof that such a candidate is at the bottom of the ladder when it may not be true and in many cases experience has shown us that it was not true.

Pierre-Luc Brillante

“In Rosemont I will make a prediction: Pierre-Luc will win,” said Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre-Plammondon during his turn to speak.

Pierre-Luc Brillant also believes that his leader may be able to surprise and that the party’s poor results in the polls are mainly due to the lack of media exposure it had during the pandemic.


Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon and candidate Pierre-Luc Brillant

Present as an observer at the investiture of Pierre-Luc Brillant, the designer of the Qc125 survey aggregator, Philippe J. Fournier, insisted on defending the analysis of surveys, a discipline from which in recent years he has made his bread and his butter.

A bastion of the PQ

“Information is still information and the polls during the electoral campaign are the only objective, or at least scientific, information we have on the state of the race. The rest is rotation “, He insists, using this expression widespread in the political world to designate the narrative that the parties are trying to establish.

Rosemont’s ride was long a FP stronghold until the defeat of party leader Jean-François Lisée in the 2018 general election, at the hands of supportive Vincent Marissal.

The latter had been elected with 35% of the votes in Rosemont, a 2,500-vote lead over Jean-François Lisée, who got 28% of the votes.

Born in 1978, Pierre-Luc Brillant began his film career at an early age. He has acted in several films, including CRAZY and, more recently, The disappearance of the fireflies And No chicane in my cabin.

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