On August 12, I buy a Quebec book: Favorites from the TVA editorial team


What are your Quebec literary favorites? On the occasion of the 9th edition of the day “August 12, I buy a Quebec book”, several members of the TVA editorial team let you discover theirs.

Xavier Brassard-Bédard – General Manager and Editor-in-Chief, Information

“Ru” by Kim Thuy

Behind the heaviness of the Vietnam War, Kim Thúy describes scenes from Vietnamese daily life and manages to convey the smells of Vietnamese cuisine throughout the novel. It really is a crush. The story and characters intertwined from start to finish allow us to devour “Ru” in less than a day. Perfect for parties or gray autumn Sundays!

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Michel Jean – Head of the antenna

“The Dragon of Saint-Hyacinthe” by Pierre Breton

“I love it. It takes place in the 60s, in Saint-Hyacinthe in the Yé-yé scene. The description of the time is tasty. We find all the musicians, the stars, the places and it’s well shot. Can’t wait to see the end”.

Maria Pladys – Desk Manager

“An Extraordinary Woman” by Catherine Éthier

For those who already know the columnist and author, her voice will resonate in your head throughout the reading. It is a melancholy book and darker than it seems, covered with a good dose of humor and above all intelligence.


“Larvae of Life” by Christine Gosselin

A first novel in which the author explores the inner “insects” and the evils that inhabit it.

Éliane Pilote – TVA Quebec Journalist

“Mister Big or the glorification of toxic love” – ​​India Desjardins

A book that brilliantly tackles our interpersonal relationships, which revisits classic fairy tales. Written with the humor of a writer who is a true role model for many women in Quebec!

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Marie-Anne Lapierre – Head of the antenna

“In the country of quiet despair” by Marie-Pierre Duval

I devoured this book. A novel that becomes a reflection for those who find their breath between the different roles at home and at work. A hymn to no longer being overwhelmed and in search of the essential.

Stanke Editions

Simon Gamache-Fortin – TVA reporter Est-du-Québec

“My pandemic notebooks” by Doctor François Marquis

I enjoyed immersing myself in the daily life of an intensivist in the heart of the COVID-19 crisis. The daily life of the nursing staff is described in detail. The book is interesting, as it also shows Dr. Marquis’ relationship with the media, the one who granted many interviews during the pandemic.

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Anick Berger – TVA Sherbrooke Journalist

“Two and a half” by Carolanne Foucher

A collection of poems that can be read in one breath and let us enter it, but which transports us completely into its pages and leads us to reflect. A reading that came straight to my heart.

Emma Brien-Desrochers – Web writer

“The bestiary of fruits” by Zviane

Whether you’re a comic book fan or not, it’s hard to resist Zviane’s charm The bestiary of fruit. Fun from start to finish, this little gem should be savored in one go. We discover exotic fruits, as well as revisit Montreal parcels. A delight!

Catherine Légaré – Head of office

“High Demolition” by Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard

He’s the rising star of Quebec literature, and for good reason. Good characters, a great story, and a universe that couldn’t be more stuck in our scrutiny time: the medium of humor. And I take this opportunity to invite you to read all of his works!


Annie Demers – Producer

Woman of the forest of Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette

I love this author’s novels! In this, there are short chapters (sometimes just one page) in which it is about moments of life in this house or returns to childhood memories. A nice positive vision of the unexpected (pandemic ??). This book is a hymn to life, love, family, nature; a very beautiful and rich book! It is very well written, although I have found that over time there is a little too much reference to nature and it becomes a little too many parallels and metaphors. I would have taken a slightly more concise novel to read it in one go and remain with the beauty of his writing.

Ève Beauregard – TVA journalist Saguenay

“The boss” by Hugo Meunier

I loved this book which tackles with humor (and a good dose of absurdity) the differences between an editorial office from the 1980s and one from the 2020s. The novel is biting, sometimes even incisive in its generational criticism. Note that you don’t have to be media to like it. It is impossible to predict, while reading, where the author takes us … but the book takes an unexpected turn that leads us to laugh out loud several times and devour the book to the last page.

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Eve Lemay – Web writer

“Aliss” by Patrick Senécal and Jeik Dion

I had devoured the novel, which appeared in 2000, and was very eager to discover Jeik Dion’s work! I was not disappointed at all. He is “gore”, he is raw, but he is impossible to break down. Fans of the genre, get ready!

Illustration courtesy of Alire and Front Froid Editions

Lydia Labbé-Roy – Web writer

Screenplay of the film “February 15, 1839” by Pierre Falardeau

It is rare that a film script is published, but this is the solution that Pierre Falardeau found in 1996 to find funding. A winning bet since after winning the hearts of many readers, this extraordinary work finally arrived on the big screen in 2001.

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Dany Bouchard – Producer-assignee

Compendium “Abitibi-Montreal”.

One of my favorite books was undoubtedly Abitibi-Montréal, a collection of short stories written by authors with a unique pen, colorful stories, very different from each other. A link with our regions, narrators who accurately describe this journey towards one of the most beautiful – and little known – corners of Quebec.

Claudine Giroux – Writer

“Nikolsky” by Nicolas Dickner

It is a book from 2006, but in my opinion it is timeless! Confront identity, family ties and nomadism and these are topics that can resonate with everyone! The characters are a bit crazy and Dickner’s writing is surgical and very colorful. It remains one of my favorite works of all time!


Amélie Marcoux – TVA Journalist Trois-Rivières

“Kukum” by Michel Jean

Free Expression Editions

Christian Lepage – Writer

“Raymond Boulanger: The Mercenary Pilot” by Daniel Renaud

It’s a captivating story that reads well, ideal for the holidays.


Alexandre Faille – Head of Office

“The banality of a shot” by Mali Navia

The story takes place between two worlds that have very little in common. Quebec and its North American cold, sanitized and Colombia and its South American heat, violent. It is these two irreconcilable identities that form the basis of a novel about a father’s exile, then about his “forced disappearance” in his native Colombia and his daughter’s tortuous attempt to take root in a land where he will never fully recognize himself. A novel written with great delicacy and sensitivity for such a violent outcome.

Raphaëlle Ritchot – Writer and editor

“Around her” by Sophie Bienvenu

I suggest “Around her” because it is so rare to discover the characters of a story through the eyes of those who cross their path. “Around her” is such a well structured choral novel, where we discover the story of Florence and Adrien. A mother and her son.



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