OD Martinique: a sober and no twist ending for Jay Du Temple


If you felt a huge gust of wind around 8pm this Sunday November 27th, it was probably the production team atDouble occupancy who breathed a huge sigh of relief after the airing of the grand finale of an edition that should never have caused so much talk for the wrong reasons.

So rest assured: you don’t need to further solidify your Tempo shelter lest it go upwind during the night from Sunday to Monday. Note, you’re never too careful… right?

But before the coronation announced by the second week of Jimy and Claudia, we had to look at the images that the latter, accompanied by Walid and Aïssa, had brought back from Morocco, like an old-fashioned presentation evening, but with a little more of means.

Jay Du Temple had told us from the start that his latest ride at the helm ofOD it would be full of tenderness, love, good feelings and human warmth. And the production definitely set the stage for next season by insisting very much that it was entirely possible to find love with a capital A at Double occupancy – testimonials from former candidates living perfect happiness in support.

But this edition – perhaps more than the previous ones (and this is saying it) didn’t have much to offer more than a tourist program of Canal Évasion.

“Claudia is as beautiful on a camel as on horseback” it’s a phrase we didn’t necessarily expect to see come out of Jimy’s mouth, but we appreciated it all the same.

Walid also tested the poor knowledge of Arabic that he tried to instill in Aïssa during these few days of adventure. She fared better than her better half than her with the simple notion that “if you don’t like rays.”

That said, Walid’s reunion with his family was still heartwarming.

Again in the Belle Province

In addition to the grand prize (which ended up being much more than a condominium), this grand finale was also an opportunity to present the darlings of the public and the Council.

But before revealing the winners of the first category, Julie Snyder was keen to pay tribute to Jay Du Temple who, according to her, has been able to distinguish itself from all the animation styles we have seen on Quebec television in recent years . It must be admitted that the comedian, little known in his debut at the helm ofDouble occupancyhas in fact brought a breath of fresh air to the small screen with its relaxed, colorful and above all very friendly animation style with the public.

Since voting for the season’s favorite was extremely limited, the production decided to award $5,000 to two candidates instead of one. Unsurprisingly, the lucky winners were Jonathan and Virginie, who stood out for obviously very different reasons.

We bet Sandrine would surely have landed in one of the two envelopes had she had a few extra weeks to infuse homes with her infectious energy and bold personality.

As for the CA favorite, no surprises there either, as it was Megan who was chosen by the public after her flawless run.

Before crowning Jimy and Claudia and allowing confetti to fly throughout the studio of The week of the 4 JuliesJay Du Temple paid tribute to the production and took the opportunity to announce that his new tickets solo show, Endwere on sale now on

“It was a big gamble when I was hired six years ago. I was 25 years old, a comedian with little or no experience, unknown to the public. They took a huge chance with me. I personally thank Julie Snyder and the women around her for seeing something in me that I didn’t see myself. My life has completely changed because of you. I hope the next person to host OD will see their life change in a happy and amazing way like mine”declared in particular the main interested party.

Then Jimy and Claudia were crowned…and confetti flew all over the studio. The week of the 4 Julies.

All’s well that ends well… until next Sunday.

The moment of truthOD Martinique airs Sunday, December 4 at 6:30pm on Noovo. Behind the scenes of the grand finale will be presented Monday to Thursday, always at 18:30, and always aired on Noovo.


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