Not to be missed on ICI TOU.TV Extra and Club Illico


What to see on ICI TOU.TV Extra and Club Illico? To retrieve the contents, The print and his reporters have suggestions for you.

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larry (ICI TOU.TV Extra)

larry it does not fall into the category of traditional detective series. Of course, this dense and brilliant work contains breathtaking investigation and unexpected twists, but it incorporates comic touches and a personal drama that colors the entire plot. All topped off with psychedelic music from the 70s and delivered in a visual packaging that evokes the classic film The French connection by director William Friedkin. It is definitely captivating.

Hugo Dumas

The world of Gabrielle Roy (ICI TOU.TV Extra)

He is friendly, touching and charming, not at all cheesy. Really, my prejudices clouded my judgment, I’m sorry. This slow and poetic series is reminiscent of the television adaptations of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novels, including Anne … the house with the green gables. To tan smarter, The world of Gabrielle Roy it is closer to enchantment than anguish.

Hugo Dumas

Babysitter (Illico Club)

Destabilizing, bold and sometimes embarrassing (especially during a particular scene), Babysitter it is far from a complacent film. It certainly makes us reflect on the uncontrollable and irrational aspect of desire. But beware, you may be wondering, like Jean-Michel’s character, what rank you are in. The answer: in varying degrees, in fact.

Emilia Cote

Raspberry time (Illico Club)

It is difficult to describe Raspberry time with accuracy and precision. There are touches of absurd humor intertwined with heartwarming moments. It’s soft and hard, funny and irritating, tragic and comical. It is a finely woven story of pain, exile and the inability to communicate.

Hugo Dumas

Brain 2 (ICI TOU.TV Extra)

It is so good, Brain 2. It’s better than the first season, which, let’s remember, was very successful. It is a clever combination of crime thriller, psychological suspense and the so-called classic medical series.

Hugo Dumas

The blue house (ICI TOU.TV Extra)

After a first season of chess, The blue house he really found the way to go. Its delusional sequel, currently airing on ICI Télé after first being offered on ICI Extra in the spring of 2021, makes every episode laugh out loud. The actors obviously have something to do with this. The pleasure with which they bite every joke of the authors Ricardo Trogi and Daniel Savoie is contagious.

Marc-André Lemieux

Invisible children (ICI TOU.TV Extra)

What happens to children living with a mentally ill parent? Not much, the documentary series points out Invisible children. Conducted by Varda Étienne, the show lifts the veil on the reality of these forgotten people who suffer in the blind spot of the healthcare system.

Alexandre Vigneault


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