Noovo Autumn Program | Chouchou, plush and reel!


Noovo’s autumn program, which will be implemented from 11 September, revolves around three keywords that are not “resilient” at all: treasure, stuffed animal and whirlpool.

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Petfor the intriguing new series by Simon Boulerice (six degrees, geolocate love), where a fifth grade teacher falls in love with a 17-year-old student.

Doudou, for the return of our comfort like series Between two sheets, Me niether ! And An almost perfect dinner.

And whirl, however Double occupancyhello, with the waves of Martinique, the quarrels poured into a sweet drink and the new hair of Jay Du Temple, who combs in spikes like a) Simon L’Espérance in Ramdam but b) a faded pastel color. Great vibrations by the Backstreet Boys in 1998, they would surely say Jimy or Koralie-Maya.

Back to Pet, starts Wednesday 14 September at 20:00. French teacher Chanelle Chouinard (Évelyne Brochu), known as Chouchou, 37, hesitates for her student Sandrick (Lévi Doré), a curious and sensitive teenager with a passion for literature. Sophie Cadieux plays the teenager’s mother, while Steve Laplante inherits the role of the cuckold husband, a time bomb. Very, very excited to see the first few episodes.


Steve Laplante will be the protagonist of the series Pet by Simon Boulérice.

Assisted by Antoine Vézina, Louis Morissette takes control of the Game Directoran adaptation of the British concept foreman, where five comedians (Ève Côté, Christine Morency, Mehdi Bousaidan, Jo Cormier and Mathieu Pepper) will face wacky and fun challenges. First broadcast: Thursday 15th September at 8pm

New for Friday at 20:00: the vigilantes, where three talkative lawyers will resolve small claims cases The referee you hate The court lives, choose the reference according to your age. The show is not called The vigilantes, because Noovo doesn’t know if the three prosecutors (Julie Couture, Elfriede Duclervil and Marie-Élaine Tremblay) will all be available for a possible second season. The camera will also show us the deliberations of the three lawyers as they retire to their anteroom. And Paul Houde will provide the narrative.

If you don’t subscribe to the Crave platform, Noovo presents the captivating and touching miniseries on Tuesdays at 8pm. A criminal case with Céline Bonnier in the role of a mother struggling to get her son out of prison.

It is very good and is nominated in the Best Drama Series category at the upcoming Gémeaux Awards gala on Sunday 18 September.

In Me niether !, after taking hostages in the studio and exchanging a kiss (ooouh!), Sarah (Catherine-Anne Toupin) and Christian (Vincent Leclerc) experience post-traumatic shock. They add a new columnist to their radio show, the D.r Valcœur (Vincent Graton), a caricature of all doctors who embrace a career in the media. Oh yes, the assistant of the Dr Valcœur, played by Chantal Baril, will fall in love with Sarah’s father, played by Pierre Curzi.

Two new characters enter Between two sheets : Christian Bégin, who will play Lydia’s (Virginie Ranger-Beauregard) father, as well as Paul Doucet, Jean-Pascal’s (Simon Pigeon) father. Another room is added to the sets of this delightful sitcom: that of an all-inclusive in the South. We reopen on Wednesday 14 September at 7:30 pm.


Julie Snyder will take command of The week of 4 Julies September 12.

For its return to air on Monday 12 September at 9pm, The week of 4 Julies will receive the Simple Plan group and the host will reveal a mouse that was filmed with CH players Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki… in a pedal boat. Michèle Richard (with whom Julie Snyder camped in the Maddalena Islands) and Jean-Luc Mongrain join the pool of collaborators of the daily talk show of Noovo. Fact of note: All provincial party leaders agreed to parade on the demoness treadmill, except François Legault.

The second season of Club Sol (Monday at 7:30 pm) promises more music and cameos from Martin Matte, Bernard Fortin, Ariane Moffatt and Pierre Brassard.

Phil Roy takes control of Who can sing? Monday at 8:00 pm Country, Christmas and Halloween themed evenings on the menu.

On 3 October, Noovo renews its election night with its hosts Marie-Christine Bergeron and Michel Bherer in the cockpit. Noovo, on the other hand, will not broadcast the leaders’ debate ignited by Patrice Roy.

In winter, Noovo will propose the TV series Round 2: Double foulwhere Éric Bruneau wears the shorts of a Quebec tennis player aiming for 187And world ranking. Kind of Simon Larose, what. Yup, Round 2 he will talk about sport, but much more about anxiety and performance pressure. Louis Morissette will be Sylvain, the coach.

Also in January, screenwriter Michelle Allen (The escape) will sign the texts of The emperor, a miniseries that will explore the twisted story of a rising star in the world of advertising (Jean-Philippe Perras) who will sink into a spiral of toxic behavior before being exposed. The cast of The emperor includes David Boutin, Macha Grenon, Madeleine Péloquin, Charlotte Aubin and Naïla Louidort.

Still no official confirmation for One way 2my favorite from last season, but it looks like it smells good for the future.

In Noovo, January also rhymes with Celebrity of Big Brother, reality show always heated by Marie-Mai. And what about the Quebec version of SurvivedNoovo will broadcast it in the spring of 2023, promised, sworn, the tribe has spoken!


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