Nathalie Simard shares an important message about the Julien Lacroix affair


Nathalie Simard will never stop speaking up for victims of sexual assault and campaigning for more education for young people and better support for those who dare to speak up.

The singer and presenter, who, it should be remembered, denounced her attacker, producer and impresario Guy Cloutier in 2004 (he was later sentenced to 42 months in prison), admits that she does not fully understand the situations of the alleged victims of the Julien affair Lacroix. This resurfaced in the news last week with the release of the file The Julien Lacroix affair, two years later – Scars and regretsin The print. It was discussed at Everyone talks about ita few days ago.

However, when asked to comment on this topic by Wednesday night, on the red carpet at the premiere of the show A hero a capellaby QW4RTZ (of which you can read our review here)Nathalie Simard took the opportunity to reiterate her important message.

It’s hard, because I don’t know Nathalie said right from the start when we asked her opinion.

But I know one thing. What I can say is that every victim of sexual assault tends to minimize what she has been through. I think that’s the kind of phenomenon that exists now. That said, I can’t comment further, as I haven’t spoken to the victims. I find it very sad and can’t wait for it to end! »

Above all, Nathalie Simard perceives in this vortex of new media a further signal of urgency that should alarm our decision makers even more.

I look forward to our government setting up courses in our schools, for young people. What is Sexual Assault? Sexual misconduct? Consent? We have to educate our young people. It must be done! We have to stop talking, talk and we have to act. Why does it break life… “, complained Nathalie Simard.

Basically, kids do it because they haven’t been taught, they haven’t been shown. But I’m sure men are part of the solution. We come from a silent generation, where it was a taboo subject and we didn’t talk about it! Let’s shut up! Here, we are elsewhere. We are coming to 2023 and it is time to wake up and educate our youth. And I am sure that by educating young people, boys and girls, we will achieve something. It is with prevention and awareness that we will at least be able to reduce this problem. »


Nathalie Simard, who did not have access to social media at the time of her public outing about the abuse she suffered, believes that virtual channels are part of the solution or do they worsen the burden of victims?

I think any form of complaint will always be good. Yes, it can take us forward and, in some cases, it can take us back. Too bad, because what we want is for victims to go through the justice system… but our justice system is in trouble! That is why several ministers are looking into the preparation of specialist courts, which I believe will make a huge difference to our justice system. This will then encourage women to go to court, because they will eventually win the case. Because there is a great lack of information even at this level. »

Nathalie Simard always holds conferences to support victims and share her experience. She will also offer one to Cuba in a few days with her friend Chantal Lacroix, and she is also sometimes invited by the government. She also dedicates her time as ambassador to Maison la Grande Ourse Montérégie, the first center dedicated to survivors of sexual assault and violence in Quebec.

I’m still there. For me it’s important. It’s a form of healing. Every time I make one, it’s like a little “chalk”. And I’m happy to help, to repay, to inform, to support this cause. Yes, it’s important to me! »

Rosalie Vaillancourt also spoke in the wake of the resurgence of the Julien Lacroix case in recent days. After admitting he was having a tough time last weekend (details here), the comedian was reassuring a few hours later (more info here).


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