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Moving to her first home last June, Mélissa Bédard has made a dream come true. But before settling into her new home with her large family, the singer traded her microphone for a hammer to renovate and decorate her home. All stages of this adventure have been documented in the show my first home. Overview, in four points, of this novelty by Canal Vie.

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Veronique Larocche

Veronique Larocche
The print

Incursion into the Bédard-Fortier family


The Bédard-Fortier family on their way to their new home shortly after their purchase

my first home it is not a show of renewal like the others. Don’t wait for a renovated room to open at the end of each episode. Rather, the series chronologically follows all the phases that went through Mélissa Bédard, her husband Karl Fortier and their six children, from the visit to the notary to the move. “We will see the house transform as we go along,” explains the singer and actress.

A real foray into the daily life of the Bédard-Fortiers, my first home contains touching moments that are not usually seen in a decoration show. In the first two episodes, Mélissa Bédard is also very moved when she talks about her purchase of her. How come ? “Like other people, I live with baggage which means I haven’t had a chance to say yes on the first try. I had to work hard to get my own home, ”she confides The print.

Well surrounded


Mélissa with her site manager and best friend, Joanie Chevalier

Built just over 10 years ago, the property Mélissa Bédard acquired had to be refurbished to meet the family’s needs. In the basement, bedrooms and a bathroom have been set up, while the upstairs bedrooms and common areas have been refurbished.

Not very good with her hands (“Some will think I’m kidding, but it’s true!”, She recounts in an interview), Mélissa Bédard was able to count on those close to her to help her complete her project well. Her best friend, the carpenter Joanie Chevalier, is also the site manager.

“My family stopped completely for three months to give us the biggest helping hand. […] We did it all. She makes me very proud, ”she explains, adding that some specialist tasks have obviously been entrusted to professionals.

Mélissa Bédard was also able to count on the creative touch of designer Antoine Laurier, to whom we owe the decorations of the houses ofDouble occupancy these last few years. “I didn’t see anyone other than Antoine for the project. Antoine is professional and at the same time he is natural, he is sparkling “, Says Mélissa Bédard, who had already participated in the show Furniture in the foregroundanimated by the designer.

Black room


With designer Antoine Laurier

After talking to the happy owner, Antoine Laurier drew the design of the different rooms on paper. “It is really as if you take us and start decorating”, explains Mélissa Bédard of the rooms of each member of the family.

His favorite transformation? “One of the rooms where we dared the most was our bedroom. Since I spend a lot of time away from home, I wanted Karl not to be a girl’s room when he enters his room. I wanted a fairly neutral but at the same time masculine room, ”he explains, before revealing that his bedroom is completely black, even the ceiling. Gray accessories, floor-colored dressers, and a lighted wall panel complete the decor. “It’s magnificent!” The actress thrilled.

  • The front laundry


    The front laundry

  • The laundry after


    The laundry after


Another favorite piece? The kitchen, with its white cabinets, its 3 meter walnut island and the huge family photo hanging on the wall. “That was what I wanted most,” says the former tenant, who hadn’t dared install many executives in the two-family house she lived in before her.

Valuable advice


At the time of signing the deed of sale

Several tips for future owners are scattered throughout the series. Two months after the renovation of her house was completed, what advice does Mélissa Bédard have? “You always do business with professionals,” she replies, thinking mostly about plumbing and electricity. Yes, it will cost you more, but it will cost you less than having to replace your home. ”

Before buying a property, it also suggests that you clearly identify your needs and avoid choosing a house that is too large and too expensive. “You have to be rational. Put your family in the center, outline it with a square and tell yourself you just need it, ”illustrates the new owner.

Setting a budget and sticking to it is also important to him. “If something happens, I still want to be able to pay for my house,” he concludes wisely.

my first homeTuesday, at 7:30 pm, on Canal Vie


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