Murder and mystery between the thirties and the seventies!


Difficult to tinker with a fascinating and sparkling series likeOnly murders in the building by Disney +. The ten episodes are devoured like an Agatha Christie novel punctuated with effective gags and refreshing self-mockery.

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The second season, online today in French and English on Disney +, does not disappoint, far from it. It adds the great Shirley MacLaine to its five-star cast, which includes two big names in humor: Steve Martin and Martin Short.

I don’t know! Great boomer show, will make fun of trolls on Twitter. For nothing. How tricksa fantastic comedy available on Crave, Only murders in the building bridges the generations by adding singer and actress Selena Gomez to the main trio.

And nothing in the intergenerational plots of this savory comedy feels forced or cliché. Young, old, thirty or seventy, they learn from each other, get on their nerves (obviously) and form a sincere friendship without it seeming like an episode of the game of lifeabout 1991.

He is funny and witty. Big thumbs up from me. It is displayed at once.

For those who don’t know anything about itOnly murders in the building, scandal, sir !, a brief summary. Lone artist Mabel (Selena Gomez), fallen actor Charles (Steve Martin), and declining theater director Oliver (Martin Short) live in the same historic building on New York’s Upper West Side. The three residents of the famous Arconia – this is the name of the building – are not seen, but they share an all-consuming passion for “true crime” podcasts.


Scene from the second season ofOnly murders in the building

When one of their neighbors is shot in the head, the three amateur detectives join forces and come up with their own podcast of real crimewho will reveal the cops on the identity of the killer of their (luxury, of course) condominium.

The tenth and final episode of the first season ended with a cold punch. On her living room floor, poor Mabel (Selena Gomez) rocked the bloody body of Bunny, the hateful chairman of the Arconia residents’ committee. A long knitting needle pierced the victim’s torso, who had several “enemies” nearby.

The second season ofOnly murders in the building he resumes at this very moment: who then has liquidated Bunny, a lonely and embittered woman? The cops suspect our three popular and loving Sunday detectives, the first to go to the body’s bedside. But for lack of evidence, the police release Mabel, Charles and Oliver, who then attack the second season of their podcast, dedicated to the hunt for Bunny’s killer.

The first three 35-minute episodes (out of a total of ten) take deviations that take us (too far) away from the central investigation. In the fourth episode it resumes the usual rhythm and the series catches us in its intriguing networks. Traces become confused, clues abound and the hunt for the killer becomes obsessive.

In parallel, Only murders in the building it never loses its original and eccentric tone. Each episode of the series takes the form of a podcast episode, delving into the teeming past of many characters, more complex than they show.

Among the new faces ofOnly murders in the buildingyou’ll discover the hilarious Amy Schumer in her role, moving into attic where singer Sting lived in the previous season. Model and comedian Cara Delevingne plays an art gallery owner who is interested in Mabel’s work and whose intentions are confused.

Brilliant Tina Fey reprises her mini-role as Cinda Caning, a podcast star who starts a podcast – Only killers in the building – about our three friends Mabel, Charles and Oliver.

As for Shirley MacLaine, she plays Bunny’s mother, and her opulent personal story will lead our investigators down winding paths.

Throughout the episodes, the viewer juggles motley pieces of the puzzle such as a million-dollar erotic painting, hidden elevators, hot secrets from the past, and rivalries that date back to the 1970s. Once again, Martin Short inherits the most powerful responses. He is hilarious.

Oh yes, as in the first chapter, Selena Gomez always talks through clenched teeth and clenched jaws. What do you want, even this series with multiple qualities cannot be perfect.

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