Moving farewell to Paolo Noël


It is here that he settled 34 years ago, with the woman of his life, for the love of the place, which was paid the last tribute. Paolo Noël was celebrated by his relatives during a ceremony in Kamouraska. His widow, Diane, has returned for us to these touching goodbyes.

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They are happy memories brought back to people by the singer’s relatives last Saturday, June 11, at the Municipal Complex of Saint-Denis-De La Bouteillerie, in Kamouraska. Upon entering you could see a montage of articles relating to the life and career of Paolo Noël, as well as the books he published and the awards obtained during his existence. “Not everyone knows everything he did,” said his widow, Diane Bolduc-Noël. I have had great testimonials from people who love us. It did me good to be surrounded by all these beautiful people. He really moved me. I felt that I was not abandoned, that people were there for me. He spoke during the ceremony to greet the one who happily shared his existence with him.

Help the Alzheimer’s Society
Diane recalled that it was important to make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society, which helps people with this terrible memory-affecting disease (which killed the singer) and their caregivers. “It’s not just about one person, but an entire family.”

For Paolo, Diane believes it started about 10 years ago when he fell off a scaffold and crashed to the ground under his boat. “He lost his balance, he fell, passed out and lost consciousness.”

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A loving community
The community showed the widow their love for her and the deceased during the ceremony. “We have been part of the community for so many years! My son, Constantino, worked here. Her wife, Pascale, is a beauty product rep here, so everyone knows her and it works, her business is hers! We are very present in the community ”.

The mayor recently phoned the widow. “She said to me: ‘I want to thank you for introducing Saint-Denis-De La Bouteillerie. It was when you got here that people started talking about it.”

A grateful grandson
The son of daughter Vanessa, Blue, who has a career as a rapper, offered a touching testimonial in recognition. “Ever since he was very young, he has been writing poetry,” Diane said. She is very proud of the path she has traveled. “He had serious drug problems and came to settle in the area to get away from the city and its dangers. His grandfather and I have taken great care of him over the past five years. And in Kamouraska there is a program that helps young people in need, which has allowed Blue to cope better.

A new chapter
With the farewell of her tender husband, Diane has just closed a chapter of her life. What awaits him next? “I really like my house and I like it there, but I don’t want to stay there. In winter it is too difficult to be alone. She is too big. I would like to sell it and build a smaller house, or set up a trailer next door. I also have land for sale; I have 10 acres of land. I want to get rid of all this. I would like to stay in Saint-Denis-De La Bouteillerie, but in a smaller place ”.

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