Mixmania broke the ice and took his place


Without mixmaniathere wouldn’t be Academy of the Stars. Without mixmaniathere would be eight chapters of The voicenot to mention the editions of The young voice. Without mixmaniathere would be no earworm like You’re leaving (and that’s good for me) !

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Twenty years ago, in August 2002, Vrak launched one of the first music reality shows in Quebec, which brought together eight teenagers – the famous Mix – in one huge colorful loft. Divided into two groups, No regrets (girls) and Urban Defense (boys), these young people learned to sing and move in the eye of the cameras. And they performed in a 100% French-speaking candy pop.

No one could have predicted the stratospheric success of mixmaniawhich nearly caused a riot at the Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City, where 12,000 fans screamed the lyrics of the show Touch the sky. “You and me on top, you and me, we will never stop!” “

Let’s go back to 2002, a period earlierAcademy of the Stars where the cannon shows how American idol it thundered for only a few weeks. It was the moment when purists were throwing up on this television sub-genre destined to disappear in shame with butterfly clips in their hair and striped streaks of “ketchup chips”.

Damn, reality TV! These “artists” do not produce art, but indigestible sausages with a commercial flavor.

How wrong were those joys. How sight was missing.

Twenty years after the take-off of mixmaniatwo of its former participants, William Cloutier (Mixmania 3) and Krystel Mongeau (Mix 4), have won the last few seasons of Academy of the Starsand VAT. Claudia Bouvette Mixmania 2 progressed very far Celebrity Big Brother on Noovo and released an excellent electropop album titled The Circle of Heaven.

Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, Special collaboration

Claudia Bouvette participated in season 2 of mixmania before embarking on the adventure of Celebrity Big Brother and launch an album, The Circle of Heaven.

If you follow The voiceyou’ve probably seen a number of previous Mixes including Krystel Mongeau (again her!), Redgee (winner of Mix 4), Gabriele Foresta (Mixmania 3) and Tommy Tremblay (Mixmania 2). Ah yes, Anne-Sophie Demers (Mixmania 2) moved into XOXO’s cardboard condos as well, but let’s not open this painful case yet, thank you.

To measure the strong impact of Quebec’s oldest music reality show, Crave launches the documentary on Wednesday Mixmania: 20 years later, which puts the spotlight on the 2002 cohort, the original Mixes. It is very good, albeit a little short at around forty minutes. There was a cinematic subject here of at least an hour and a half, easy.

In a convent environment Vintage ▾, Annabelle, Julie, Ariane, Frank, Emmanuel and Pierre-Luc tell Bianca Gervais – who also directs the documentary – the advantages and disadvantages of being fed at such a young age by the shrill cries of the Bell Center and FrancoFolies. How do you go back to slicing pressed chicken at IGA without feeling like a “past” at 18?

Note for mixmaniacs: Caroline Marcoux-Gendron and Benjamin Laliberté refused to participate in the documentary Crave. They have not been forgotten.

At the height of the pop wave, which pushed Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys to the top of the peak, mixmania he was able to create accessible idols, with which members of generation Y could identify instantly. In the episodes broadcast by Vrak, the Mixes repeated their words, got their choreographed wrong and cried if they didn’t like a piece of clothing, which made them more human than Justin Timberlake, untouchable, infallible and inaccessible.

By exposing their personal lives on TV, the contestants of mixmania they cemented their close bond with their admirers, long before the arrival of social networks. Today, pop stars are spreading confessions, promotions or house tours on TikTok and Instagram. In 2002, for everything, everything, to know everything about the Mix, you had to buy the magazine Freddo.

In their living room, tens of thousands of mixmaniac choreographed No Regrets and copied their Y2K clothing style, which, strangely enough, has now been recycled by Generation Z.

The most fascinating of the phenomenon mixmania, is the place of the French. All the songs of the four seasons, effective and catchy, were written in our language. In 2002, the preteens were screaming party boys Where is it The 5 fingers of the hand. In 2011 it was zero point love Where is it As long as we love each other.

And today ? There was a rumor about the possible resurrection of the format of mixmania and negotiations have begun in this direction. Bell Media, on the other hand, preferred to buy Bianca Gervais’ documentary, which torpedoed the reincarnation project.

However, it is obvious that a mixmania 2022 would work. As the Season 2 Glamies sang, this show broke the ice and took its place. And if competing reality shows want to revamp their candidate pool, other Mixes need to dance, dance and sing, sing, hey, oh!


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