Megan Fox: the actress appears on the streets of Paris in a minidress that creates discord


Megan Fox was seen at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday September 29 alongside Machine Gun Kelly. She got her head spinning with her mini dress showing her strong breasts.

It is al Fashion Weekin Paris, last Thursday, September 29th Megan Fox was seen alongside her partner, Machine Gun Kelly. fashion season it was an opportunity for the 36-year-old actress to stand out. In addition, she has turned heads in the French capital, she reports Mirror. Indeed, lovebirds were seen holding hands while Megan Fox looked stunning in her mini dress while wearing her strong breasts well ahead. As for Machine Gun Kelly, 32, she opted for a shirtless suit.

Megan Fox matched her particularly snug dress a matching coat composed of fur collar. She has opted for high-heeled boots with thick laces, which reach her knees like shoes. As for accessories, the actress chose a pair of thin sunglasses. As for her hairdo, Megan Fox decided to style her platinum hair in soft curls that she dropped to her waist. icing on the cake that bizarre look : the miniature handbag. A Fashion Week good in color for the star couple.

Did Megan Fox Get Her Boobs?

Suffice it to say that the actress had highlighted her strong breasts. A situation that comes after rumors have circulated that Megan Fox was self-made redo the breast implants. The photos of her chest only exacerbated these rumors. By the way, according to the Instagram page IGFamousByDanathe actress of The transformers would proceed to breast control just this year. The page claims it would undergo its first overhaul between 2021 and 2022. “His chest appears to have increased some size in his ptosis”explains the page.

Either way, the page makes other assumptions about this sudden breast augmentation. In addition to a possible review, the page also talks about itpossible weight gain. In any case, these rumors didn’t start with this page, but much earlier, especially after Megan Fox appeared at Beyonce’s party. Her appearance last June only gave intensity to these rumors. always second IGFamousByDana, Megan Fox would receive her first breast implants before 2010.

Megan Fox at the center of cosmetic surgery rumors

Last July, Medical assistance raised the possibility that Megan Fox had resorting to cosmetic surgery not only on the breasts, but also on parts of the face. The media focused on photos of the actress before and now to find out the truth. The fact is, it really is subtle differences based on these photos only. For her part, Megan Fox has never admitted having undergone cosmetic surgery on her face or body.

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