Maripier Morin is sublime in a new photo shoot


It is this Tuesday that Maripier Morin has published, on his Instagram page, sublime photos taken by the talented Malina Corpadeanwith the key Nicola Blanchet put on makeup.

There is something so beautiful about giving life when our biggest flaws have been made public, as if our body shows us that we are still worth something, as if it shows us that we can still create beauty. “, We could read in the caption below the publication.

There is something so beautiful about giving life when our biggest flaws have been made public. “

On Sunday, the actress and host of the podcast Seeds of hope posted a touching video of her daughter Margot and of Jean-Philippe Perras. In fact she was singing about the new dad Say everything without saying anything from Daniel Belangeraccompanying himself on the piano, with his daughter in his arms.

Maripier Morin wrote in the video: ” Don’t cry loudly so as not to disturb them “.

Recall that it was last May, two weeks before giving birth, that the actress announced her pregnancy on social media.

In more or less 2 weeks I will become a mother. My boyfriend tells me I’ve had it for almost 9 months already and he’s not completely wrong. I have been taking care of myself for 9 months, taking care of you. With every small (or big) blow you give, my heart breaks with love. The anxiety and worry are already causing me insomnia. But what predominates is the enormous gratitude I feel for having the ultimate privilege of enduring life.

Inevitably, I think of you mom. You with whom I speak at least 10 times a day, which earned me the nickname of great cordon! Like what, the fact that we left the house at 12 did not cut the invisible umbilical cord that binds us …

Today I can say that I have the best mom in the world. You will tell me that I have a prejudice …
I really like the phrase: “all women have a Wonder Woman costume under their pajamas.” But know that Wonder Woman has a Marie-Claude costume. You had us, my brothers and me, respectively at 22, 25 and 30 years old. All this while working full time. You have accompanied us in ALL our activities, our courses finding the time to get your diploma in literature, also taking violin lessons AND being the head of several committees.

Luckily dad was still there, you guys did it as a team.
Your unique moments for yourself: your famous Zumba class and your daily date with Virginie and your Ah! Caramel. Today I can see that I had a stronger than strong mother: rigorous, hardworking, loving, sensitive, creative and present. At the dawn of becoming a mother too, I am full of fear. Will I be able to measure myself, measure myself with you? And I think the answer is yes, because you will be there.

To guide me, to help me, to hold my hand as you always did so well. I am also reassured that he will have a wonderful, loving, kind, sensitive, attentive dad and that, like dad and you, we will do it together, as a team. The only certainty I have is that this little thing will never lack love. Happy mother’s day mom (late) “, We could read in the caption below the publication.


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