Lunou Zucchini combines contracts and mom Luce Dufault is proud!


Lunou Zucchini has had a happy hand in her profession since her time Star Academy, where she was a finalist in 2021.

The 27-year-old singer has indeed accumulated interesting mandates for a year and a half, including an appearance in the series Chaos of TVA last year, a duo tour with his colleague William Cloutier (who has reached a major milestone in his personal life this week, as we tell you here) and an important role in musical comedy Rock of the ages.

And now we learned this week that Lunou will be two more very promising new adventures. First, he will be part of the Generation Z team in Zeniththe new music contest hosted by Véronique Cloutier at ICI Télé in January (more info here). Then she, with Marie-Pier Labrecque and Maxime Denommée, she will be one of the protagonists of the show Lili St-Cyr – Musical theatre, tracing the career of the famous stripper Lili St-Cyr and presented at the Théâtre des Grands Chênes in Kingsey Falls next summer. Lunou will play Sophie Leblanc, a rival of Lili St-Cyr.

It goes without saying that Luce Dufault, Lunou’s mother, is extremely happy for her eldest daughter, and is particularly happy with her humble attitude in the face of success.

My boyfriend and I are terribly proud “, underlined Luce a

But, at the same time, it’s not surprising. It is the deep nature of him. Lunou doesn’t worry about things he has no control over. She has always been like this. She finds herself doing this job because it’s a natural choice. What she likes to do is work; otherwise she asked for nothing. She lives with it as best she can but I think she does it right! She respects herself “, depicted the lady, who was already at the peak of maternal pride in front of Lunou’s performance in Rock of the agesto whom he had attended the Capitole de Québec last spring.

Even Luce Dufault has teary eyes when she talks about her son, Mika. At 22, the boy does not work in the music industry and his mother insists on keeping his professional field a secret so as not to be indiscreet.

I can only tell you that he is still at home and mum is delighted! I stretch it as long as possible… »

In Christmas mode

Even for Luce Dufault the projects are going well. With several fellow artists, she has just started touring Christmas, a tradition in songwhose performances have just begun in theaters across Quebec (more details here). Luce offers trio numbers with Joe Bocan and Martine St-Clair, as well as performing “Noël à Jerusalem” and “Amazing Grace”. ” Among others “said the principal concerned.

His solo tour stemming from the album tell me how much i love youreleased in 2020, it will continue throughout next year, culminating in the Cinquième Salle on the Place des Arts in mid-October 2023. New shows with the troupe ofsymphonic harmonium they’re also on his January agenda.

It had been a long time since I had done this many shows when a record came out. It’s still weird in times of COVID! With the musicians, we pinch each other to do many “shows”, with many people in the halls “Said Luce Dufault.

Another singer of the collective Christmas, a tradition in song recently told us about his family, as you can read here


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