Love actually Reunion | Let’s Talk About Love, Really (20 Years Later)


After Friendsthen Harry Potterit was the team’s turn Current love (I really love), Tuesday night, to meet, in a 60-minute televised date orchestrated by Diane Sawyer, on the airwaves of ABC. For 20 years of the cult romantic holiday comedy, gossip, backstage and interviews were the order of the day. But unfortunately, there were some absentees. Report in four parts.

Love is…


Emma Thompson in Heartbreaking Karen, Christmas Eve

It was to be expected: there was an abuse of the word “actually” (really) in this reunion show, which brought together some big names in Richard Curtis’ ensemble film, starting with the director himself, as well as Emma Thompson (such as Heartbreaking Karen), Hugh Grant (PM David, a bespoke role), Bill Nighy (as Billy Mack, a role he hadn’t even auditioned for!), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (revealed here with his character of young Sam), etc. . A big absentee, Alan Rickman, of course, died in 2016, but so did Colin Firth, Liam Neeson and Keira Knightley, we won’t really know why. The show, obviously filled with beautiful sensations and happy memories, could not avoid the great and existential question: “today, love, really, what is it? It’s “everywhere” and “all that matters,” the actors answered in turn. The palm goes to the ever-ironic (and seemingly notoriously grumpy) Hugh Grant, who responded with a vibrant: love, really, is dead (died)!

The revelation


Hugh Grant in his legendary dance scene

It leaked in the days leading up to the broadcast and made the headlines of gossip magazines, but here it deserves no less mention: believe it or not, but as legendary as the scene and Hugh Grant’s graceful swaying of hips, the actor wasn’t enthusiastic, but really not, at the idea of ​​continuing to dance Jump, by the Pointer Sisters (scene shot extensively on TikTok, it should be noted). If you’ve seen the movie, don’t pretend you forgot. However: You have to hear Richard Curtis explain how much Hugh Grant (his friend in his life) hoped the director would get sick and walk away from the project. Bad luck, it was a “contractual obligation”, sorry, a “contractual guillotine!” said Hugh Grant, with another unusual comment. Note that in the short sequel to the film, a television short made in 2017 as part of a charity program (Red Nose Dayissue which raised 61 million), entitled Red Nose Day actuallyHugh Grant, who reprized his character 14 years later, did a similar dance Bling Hotline (Drake). Surprise? Time has done its work, he tumbles straight down the stairs of elegant 10 Downing Street.

love behind the scenes


“There were real heartbreaks too Current love said Laura Linney.

It wasn’t just in front of the camera, and in the ten (yes ten!) stories of the convoluted and compact script of Current love. Do you remember ? Between the PM and his assistant, of course, but also the latter’s sister and her sadly deceased husband (and this harrowing scene from the unpacked CD), the clerk and her shady colleague, the spouses and their friend (and his statement on stock cards, a classic ever since!), the nerdy rock star and his loyal manager (we probably forget a few), there was action in this ensemble film, which was warmly received by the audience, but not quite critically. The Atlantic, for its 10th anniversary in 2013, titled: the least romantic film of all time! However, here we learned here that the employee and her obscure co-worker, in fact, were also experiencing a real-life roller coaster. “There were real heartbreaks too Current love said Laura Linney, who had just split at the time, just like (coincidentally) her playmate. ‘And what do we do all day? […] We have the ability to do good […]console yourself. […] It really was a balm. »

Really, in the life of…


The stepfather (Liam Neeson) and his son (Thomas Brodie-Sangster, here very young)

And then we know: love with a capital A is not just a feeling of love between a man and a woman. Richard Curtis notes in this regard how his story is dated, with his lack of diversity, but also his relationship between bosses and employees. “I feel a little stupid and uncomfortable!” “, He slips him at the end of the interview. But let’s go ahead. Because here there is love in the broadest sense, between father-in-law and son, but also between sister and brother. Speaking of the son, the character of young Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), madly in love with a classmate, is directly inspired by the director himself. “I was obsessed with love! (and it’s really a surprise, after Four weddings and a funeral And Notting Hill ?). Ditto for the relationship of Sarah (Laura Linney) and her psych brother. “My sister has a long history in terms of mental health…” However, these loves, however different from each other, are no less “deep”, even “unconditional”. True, what. This is undoubtedly why, and despite the last 20 years, Current love it still resonates so loud (TikTok and YouTube are proof of that). Because love is told there in (almost) all its forms and directions. Not sparing us in its heartbreaks or its sometimes happy endings. Because it can. Richard Curtis still “passionately” believes in it.


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