Line Renaud, Nathalie Baye, Laure Manaudou… These stars who have resorted to abortion


This shock announcement shocked the whole world … On June 24, 2022 the US Supreme Court buried the sentence Eggs against Wade which allowed American women to have abortions. From now on, each state will be free to authorize abortion or not. Some of them like Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho or Louisiana, for example, have already revoked this right!

In the media and on the Web, many stars and anonymous people have expressed their dismay. In France, the Velo law of 1975 authorizes abortion (voluntary termination of pregnancy ed) to all citizens (minors or adults). And that’s not all! The law of March 2, 2022 allowed the extension of the abortion period from 14 to 16 weeks. All costs are also covered by health insurance.

“I felt free from this choice …”

If this topic is taboo, some French personalities have nevertheless agreed to speak publicly about their abortion. Like Nathalie Baye in the columns of Marie Claire : “The first time I was not 20 years old. I was too young, he was my first lover, we didn’t have a circle, it was obvious […] “he confided. “I felt free from this choice”.

As for Line Renaud, the artist has agreed to lift the veil on her clandestine abortion. At the age of 17, the actress became pregnant with Loulou Gasté who would later become her husband. But in the 1940s, no law authorized abortion in France. “ She organized an abortion that I have terrible memories of.explained Line Renaud for The world.“A creepy address, a dark apartment, a knitter…”.

“A raw curettage on the table …”

After the surgery, the singer then began sepsis. For the “Save”, a gynecologist does it “A live curettage on the dining room table”.“A steadfast voice rang in me: ‘Loulou, I’ll never give you a baby,’ the singer regretted. Laure Manaudou has long been a favorite of the French. But in 2013 a tragedy shakes her at all levels … Through a press release, the darling of Jérémy Frérot explains that she was forced to have an abortion.

“During my official declaration of retirement from sport on January 30th, I announced my second pregnancy after respecting the usual precautions. Today I am sad to announce that this pregnancy had to be terminated for medical reasons “, stressed Laure Manaudou who led life for 4 months. “I am very sorry for this news. I learned from the practice of high-level sport that there was no path without setbacks, this is also true on a personal level “. Other stars have also broken the silence to free the voices of women … To find out more, discover the slide that puts them in the foreground!

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