Labor shortages hit campsites


As is happening in the tourism sector as a whole, the world of camping is also not immune to labor shortages. Campers are asked to understand the situation.

“This is currently the case everywhere in Quebec in several areas,” explains Camping Quebec President and CEO Simon Tessier. As in the case of tourism in general, the world of camping is also suffering the negative effects of the shortage of manpower. It must be honestly said that in our case we have had a hard time recruiting lifeguards for several years. However, in the current situation, it is for all positions that camping owners have a hard time recruiting. We think here of the positions of receptionist, restaurant cook, maintenance technician, everything becomes a problem. “

Despite this complicated situation, the CEO points out that there is one element that is a bit of a game saver.

“What saves our industry a bit is that we still have workers who really like the camping industry. They like to get involved. We have seasonal campers who are also workers so we can have people working there. “


Faced with a lack of manpower, owners can sometimes resort to less experienced people to fill certain positions.

“I appeal to the patience of campers. Sometimes campground owners will have to hire younger people who are less experienced, says the CEO. I saw it myself during field visits. It happened that I was served more or less adequately. I ask people not to be shocked because it doesn’t work. Our staff would like to provide service with experienced people. However, I believe we should give these newcomers a chance to find their place and gain experience. Beyond any other consideration, we want to avoid service interruptions. In the end, the service won’t be that bad, but once again I ask people to be patient and forgive these new employees. “

The concern over the lack of staff also affects lifeguards, where some campsites, despite several job advertisements, will find themselves without guardians for their body of water.

“There may be closures of water bodies during the summer at certain times or swimming unsupervised. We ask people to be attentive and understanding. This situation is not a lack of willpower on the part of the campsite owners. There is an old proverb that he says that when you want you can, but in the situation we are talking about at the moment, it is not like that. “

Currently, according to current legislation, if there is no lifeguard present, the body of water must be closed, in any type of establishment. It is certainly quite difficult to close a beach.

Meetings are currently underway with the authorities to discuss the famous lifeguard shortage and find solutions. The main objective, however, remains to have safe bodies of water.


It is difficult for the CEO to understand the lack of workers in certain positions.

“To fully understand how labor shortages are hitting our community hard, just think of receptionist positions, a super nice position, that remain vacant. Some operators are still looking for it. “

Aware that people who want to work many hours a week are becoming increasingly rare, Camping Québec has decided to get involved in explaining which positions are available.

“We are working to produce content to promote camping jobs. We have important attractions to promote. We must make this reality known if we want people to think about coming to work with us. Often people don’t think about working on a campsite simply because they aren’t aware of what lies ahead. We will offer information on our site []. We will also give our entrepreneurs the tools to help them promote jobs in their field. Personally, the experiences I’ve had working on a campsite are some of the most rewarding. “

In closing, Mr. Tessier wanted to thank the people who currently work in the campsites.

They are an essential cog in the industry.


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