La Presse at the 79th Venice Film Festival | Behind the controversy, an interesting film


All the rumors surrounding the start of the works Don’t worry honey he almost managed to overshadow the film itself. Despite everything that has happened behind the scenes, Olivia Wilde’s feature film remains interesting. And very current.

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Marc-André Lussier

Marc-André Lussier
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It was the most popular event of the festival on Monday. For the first time since the publication of articles that report a disagreement between the director and her actress (among other things), the artisans of the Don’t worry honey addressed questions from the international press. The press conference took place before the official screening, as a world premiere, of this film selected out of competition. Florence Pugh wasn’t there.

Olivia Wilde, however, made it clear that she was very happy at the thought that the actress, “a force”, she said, could come and spend a few hours in Venice, the time to walk on the red carpet with her. Like Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh is currently filming Dunes 2 in Budapest.


Florence Pugh on the red carpet Don’t worry honey

Thank the production of Dunes 2and in particular Denis Villeneuve, to consent to Florence [Pugh] to come join us. I know how much this kind of thing can interrupt a recovery.

Olivia Wilde, director

As for the controversy, it was briefly addressed: “All the gossip, the tabloids, all the noise it causes make the Internet feed itself, and I don’t feel the need to feed it. He is already sufficiently well fed, “she said.

The condition of women

When a reporter from Hollywood reporter attempted to ask a question about Shia LaBeouf, who was originally supposed to play Harry Styles, the moderator immediately intervened saying that that question had already been answered. He then resumed the discussion on sets and costumes.

That said, regardless of behind-the-scenes reports and diplomatic language in an attempt to minimize controversy, Don’t worry honey it remains an interesting feature film, if only thanks to the parallels that can easily be drawn between the era evoked in history – the 1950s – and ours, particularly as regards the condition of women. In this regard, we can certainly see it as a social and political film.

La promotion est beaucoup axée sur Harry Styles, superstar de la musique pop qui tient ici un rôle important au cinéma pour la première fois, mais ce long métrage est d’abord et avant tout l’affaire de Florence Pugh. Cette dernière excelle dans le rôle d’une jeune femme qui tombe dans un monde en apparence parfait mais qui, sous le vernis, en cache un autre beaucoup plus sinistre. Dans cette petite communauté construite en plein désert à la faveur d’un projet mystérieux, pour lequel tous leurs maris travaillent, les femmes, entièrement dévouées à leur homme, sont tenues dans l’ignorance et doivent suivre des règles très strictes. Certains territoires leur sont carrément interdits.

« Avec la scénariste Katie Silberman, l’écriture a commencé au moment où l’on commençait à entendre parler du mouvement Make America Great Again [le slogan de Donald Trump], stressed Olivia Wilde. What exactly does this mean? We have thought a lot about the generations of women who preceded us, but also, unfortunately, about today’s women and their freedom to control their bodies. ”

Very current

It is true that, even if the story of Don’t worry honey takes place in the 1950s, the speeches in favor of a return to “traditional” values ​​are strangely similar to those adopted today by certain ultra-conservative leaders almost everywhere in the world.

Don’t worry honey unfortunately it is very current, but it is also timeless. I don’t think a day will come when the idea of ​​controlling someone’s body isn’t worth fighting for.

Olivia Wilde, director

“I deliberately put a provocative aspect into this film and I hope it provokes discussions. That said, we wanted it to be fun first and foremost, “added the director.

In this regard Olivia Wilde, who offered excellent Smart book, he won his bet. The scenes of the parties, of the gatherings in an apparently heavenly place, these shiny old cars that all come out of the driveways at the same time, in short, the artistic direction brings back the iconography of the time in all its splendor. We also expect some unexpected twists, which add to the relevance of the story. In addition to the two headliners, Don’t worry honey also stars Chris Pine. The latter lends his likeness to a charismatic leader who directs the famous project at the service of which all the men of the community put their expertise.

“I didn’t create my character from anyone in particular, but all leaders like this use words as a weapon,” he said.

Don’t worry honey (don’t worry honey) will be released on September 23 in Quebec.


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