Kate Middleton was evacuated in an emergency from Wimbledon, the terrible reason …


Kate Middleton does not show up. The wife of Prince William, second in line to the throne of the Queen of England, is one of the favorite personalities of the English. When one thinks of the royal family of the United Kingdom, it is impossible not to have a thought for the mother of the Georges Highnesses, Charlotte and Louis. And even more so now that the Wimbledon tournament is open.

In her capacity as godmother of All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, organizer of the competition, will necessarily be present among the fans. But certainly not every day or every game. However, her absence necessarily brings back bad memories for Kate Middleton fans. Because, last year, for the 2021 Wimbledon tournament, Prince William’s wife was urgently kept away from the event.

Objeko therefore proposes a return to the reasons that kept Kate Middleton away from the Wimbledon tournament in 2021, like her colleagues in the magazine Public.

Kate Middleton in Wimbledon

Passionate about sports and a great lover of tennis, Kate Middleton never fails to honor the Wimbledon tournament with her presence. In fact, she can watch the matches from a royal box in the central courtyard. As our colleagues point out, this box awaits Her Highness every year. Better yet, he can’t wait to see you visit South West London. But even if she wanted to, Prince William’s wife cannot go to all the games, attend all the clashes.

Kate Middleton also faces a number of important commitments required by her rank in the British royal family. Especially now that Queen Elizabeth II has made it known that she will more often assign her son and grandson to represent her on official travel. The great age of Majesty and her health context, in fact, oblige him to take further precautions. Therefore, Prince Charles and Prince William are more in demand than before.

Also, this is definitely a good thing. Since Prince Charles will soon take over the kingdom in place of his mother. And that then it will be Prince William’s turn to take his father’s place. At that time, Kate Middleton will then reach the highest rank she can hope to achieve. But it is the British subjects of the crown of England who will be the happiest, that is obvious. Objeko I told you above, the Duchess of Cambridge is adored by the whole kingdom.

To be honest with you, it’s also because the whole kingdom loves Kate Middleton that information about her can take on inappropriate proportions. And that’s also why we still vividly remember her presence at Wimbledon last year. Tournament that she had to leave hastily without immediately giving any explanation.

An obvious and disturbing absence

Finally, the reason for Kate Middleton’s departure from her royal box was the pandemic itself. The health protocol was much stricter last year than it was this year. So, she found out she was a contact case. And so she had to quickly isolate herself so as not to take the slightest risk to those around her. Our colleagues from the magazine Public We recall that Prince William’s wife had to leave with regret the match of the English player Dan Evans.

Isolated for several days, as required by the protocol, Kate Middleton had therefore missed a large part of the competition. Fortunately, she was able to return to attend the women’s final of the tournament. She too had been able to attend the coronation of Novak Djokovic. As well as the final of Euro 2020 (11 July 2021). For her and for these great events, her absence would have been deplorable, Objeko you grant it to yourself.

But as always, health must come first. Perhaps even more so for a member of the British royal family. Furthermore, although health protocols are more flexible this year, we have no doubt that Kate Middleton will take all necessary precautions. In fact, she would not want to be the carrier of the Covid-19 virus and endanger her loved ones. After all, contaminations are on the rise and vigilance is essential.

The Wimbledon tournament will still be an opportunity to celebrate tennis without thinking about the health emergency. In short, a moment of relaxation for sportsmen. But also for Kate Middleton whenever she can make herself available to attend a game.


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