Julien Lacroix announces the return to the scene


Two years after being targeted by sexual misconduct allegations, comedian and actor Julien Lacroix announces his return by organizing the live recording of an independent podcast that will highlight his two years of sobriety.

“I can not wait to see you. I haven’t spoken in front of people since March 12, 2020. I’m really nervous, but excited to talk to you, “he wrote on his private Instagram account Tuesday, followed by 125,000 followers.

“Thanks to all those who supported me, if it is true that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a company to raise a drunkard,” he continued, launching the sale of a limited number of tickets. The comedian did not respond to our request for clarification.

Recall that during a new movement of denunciation on social networks in the summer of 2020, nine women had confided in Must having been the victim of sexual assault or misconduct by Julien Lacroix. Left behind him by his agency, the comedian and actor had suspended all his current projects and left the public sphere.

In his message, Julien Lacroix specifies that it is above all to underline his two years of sobriety that today he launches himself into this new podcast project. In addition, “all profits will go to the prevention of alcoholism and [de] substance abuse among young people. “I know that for many of you it may seem trivial or your everyday life, but I admit that for my part, since I have been using it since the age of 12, it is a great pride. I do not [tiens] nothing for granted, I continue my recovery, but I admit that I breathe better. “

The event presented as a podcast in the form of questions and answers intertwining “humor and confessions” will be held on July 12, in a Montreal venue, for the time being kept secret. Only the 25 attendees will receive the exact address, 24 hours before the comedian takes the stage.

This public outing received mixed reception from Quebecs on social networks. While some showed Julien Lacroix their love and support – the proof is that his tickets sold out within hours – others expressed their dismay and dissatisfaction with his return to the public sphere.

“What strikes me about Julien’s uninhibited return is the timing and the situation in which it is part, “he wrote in a message sent to Must Lauriane Palardy, who is one of nine women who denounced the comedian in 2020.

” [Johnny] Depp has won her case, abortion is banned in several US states, and a woman from El Salvador has just been sentenced to 50 years in prison after her baby died at birth. the knockback post- # MeToo is surprising and, for me, Julien’s return is part of an international anti-feminist movement. It worries me a lot. “

However, she adds that she is “genuinely happy” that Julien Lacroix is ​​now “sober and well”. “I want him to heal himself by helping others recognize the violence they perpetuate. I hope his return is useful. For me, Julien now has a huge responsibility “, she continued.

Return announced

In a video interview broadcast in full by The duty already in December 2021 Julien Lacroix had expressed the desire to reconnect with his audience, even if he had not obtained the forgiveness of the women who denounced him. “I would like these people to improve too. I wish they could one day go on sitting with me or without me. […] What I control is my pace. “

Of the nine whistleblowers, only Lauriane Palardy responded to our interview requests on Tuesday, while several others refused to comment on Julien Lacroix’s announcement. However, in December, seven of them had talked about his first public interview and had very divergent opinions. Some would have liked him to ask them for a written apology before considering reviving his career. Others felt that his introspection of him was not complete, as he confirmed that he only consulted specialists for his drinking problems, and that he had not specifically consulted about his sexual behaviors.

Julien Lacroix then indicated that he did not want to impose himself on anyone, underlining that “the advantage when doing humor is that you can rent rooms and make capsules on the Internet, [mais] if we don’t want to see you, we don’t see you. I don’t impose myself on anyone ”.

The artist had also discussed his personal journey and his approaches to whistleblowers. “I want to start walking again with my head held high. I was still quite humiliated and ashamed, “she said.

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