Jean-Philippe Dion opens up about Maripier Morin


Jean-Philippe Dion was on the movie sets of the show Have a good evening last Monday. Animator, Jean-Philippe Wauthierhe asked a rather direct question to his host.

In fact, he asked him if the industry was too tough Maripier Morin.

I don’t want to talk about the past

I don’t want to talk about the past “, He replied first.

I think Maripier should come back, he should be able to work again “, He added.

I think in life you need to know how to forgive. He has done a lot of personal work. I’m not her spokesperson, but … I deal with mental health, I help people to get out of it, to find resources, I say to myself: Maripier, that’s enough. He had life problems, did he do what she had to do to manage them, cure them, is he healed? I do not know. He belongs to her, but I really think she has gone somewhere else and I still wish she could do the job she really loves again. “.

Note that Maripier Morin will soon return to the big screen, in the brand new film Arletterealized by Mariloup Wolfe.

The feature film is also the protagonist Gilbert Sicotte, David The Hague, Paolo Ahmarani, Benoit Brière, Claudia Ferri, Bruno Marcile, Anna Casabonne, as well as the friendly participation of Lara Fabiano And Micheline Lanctot and many others. It will hit theaters on August 5th.

Recall that the history ofArlette goes as follows: Approached by the Premier of Quebec to rejuvenate the image of his government, Arlette Saint-Amour becomes, overnight, Minister of Culture. With his look and the audacity of him he manages to create a real buzz around the Culture. Thoughtless, she does not hesitate to confront the most powerful of all: the Minister of Finance. Their files are battles to be fought, but their confrontation is a real war to be finished, because, in the end, this film revolves around a great theme: the power of the image. Arlette takes us behind the scenes of the National Assembly, where the bizarre confronts the serious, where comedy embraces drama ”.

Last May, during his visit to Have a good eveningthe actress and director spoke again of his choice to have Maripier Morin protagonist of the film.

There is a woman who came before me in the auditions. It must be said that I, Maripier, knew her little, she was not one of my circle of friends, I knew her professionally. She came in front of me, the director, to audition for the character and she was a woman who, in the audition she presented me, moved me. She touched me with the job she offered me and she didn’t pass an audition or two, she passed four. And during this process of the four auditions, well yes, I asked myself a lot of questions “, he has declared.

And you looked at yourself Have a good evening last Monday?


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