IVF treatments difficult for Messmer’s wife


With the pandemic, Messmer had to decide not to take the stage anymore. But as the saying goes, for something bad luck is good. Indeed, this unintentional breakup allowed her to settle down with his better half, Bellair, and pursue the latest IVF treatment through which their second daughter was born. It took around twenty IVF to become the happy parents of five-year-old Soleil and two-year-old Magie…

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Messmer, you are back on stage with Hypersensory.

Actually. Before the pandemic, I spent six months here and six months in Europe. When I resumed the tour in Quebec in August, I hadn’t done a show here for almost three years. During the pandemic, we had another child. He will have been used for that! (laughs) We resorted to in vitro fertilization because I was vasectomized. Soleil was born thanks to this technique, just like Magie. Since we were always on tour and between two planes or two taxis, it was difficult to get there. Twenty tries later, we had our second child.

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So the pandemic has done you good!

Yes, on the day Quebec closed, in March 2020, we already had an IVF appointment. It was the last chance. As we had already started the cycle, it was confirmed to us that we would continue. After the treatment, we stayed home, relaxed. If that didn’t work, we stopped. During my wife’s pregnancy, while I was at home, I was able to help her as best I could. When she gave birth, I stayed home for the next few months.

What convinced you to follow this process after so many attempts?

I already had two adult children aged 30 and 28. Sun was three years old. I always accompanied my wife during the tests, even when I was in Europe. I went back and forth 24 hours to be there with her. After all this time, I thought it was over, but my wife still believed it. She is persistent. However, physically, it was difficult for her, among other things because of her hormones. Even morally, every time she didn’t work out…she followed her instincts. She suggested to the doctor to give it one last try and it worked. I believe in destiny.

So, finally, does little Magic live up to its name?

At first I didn’t like the idea of ​​calling it that, because in my profession hypnosis is often associated with magic. When I see my daughter, I see that she looks good on her. The most surprising thing is that my wife had the idea of ​​calling her daughters Sun and Magic before she even met me! Sometimes it’s instinct that speaks.

How did Soleil welcome your sister?

He couldn’t wait! During her pregnancy, she talked to her sister. When we left for the hospital at delivery, we didn’t tell him. When we returned with the baby, it was a magical moment. She was so surprised! They are two beautiful sisters who help each other, who are accomplices. Soleil didn’t feel like she was losing her place. She was well prepared to welcome her little sister to her. Again, mom was right.

Photo: Dominic Gouin / TVA Pub

Does your wife always follow you on tour?

She’s been doing this less often since Sun started full-time kindergarten. We thought about homeschooling, but looking closely at my schedule, we found it was complex. I still want my daughters to be born into tour life. Soleil grew up in this environment. She has traveled all her life. We’re on tour in Quebec and Bellair comes in from time to time to do shows on the weekends. The priority is the children, and we manage to take the holidays. In 2023, I will have three or four weeks off despite a busy schedule. Due to the pandemic, everyone has been postponing shows. What I present are the latest performances ofhypersensory, which I should have finished in autumn 2020. I will still have shows to perform in Europe between January and June 2023.

You are also father and grandfather. Are you proud to have amalgamated this beautiful big family?

Yes, I have two children and two nieces, Mathis, 14, and Liam, 8. Soleil and Magie are my nieces’ aunts! Seeing them play together is my greatest happiness… In January I will leave to shoot a special program about Messmer’s 10th anniversary in Europe. I will bring the whole family with me: my children, my grandchildren. They will also participate in the filming of the show.

When you’re a dad in old age, is having a little perspective good?

Yes, we have experience, we are more relaxed. At the same time, having kids keeps you young, even if you find your knees no longer track!

And does this unite the couple?

Yes. We are not just lovers anymore, we are a family. We try to put family first. You have to be able to accept not doing what you want when you want, but you learn through this experience.

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In closing, what are your plans next Hypersensory?

I have a show that I’ve been working on for years. It would be a two day workshop to help people; they will learn to control their subconscious by themselves. The Brain Workshop it will be presented in 2023. My children are also pursuing a career in hypnosis with the Somnifrères, but each of them also have jobs, in case we are still stopped by another pandemic. This is what I did when I started. At that time I was a graphic designer and illustrator and had shows.

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