I am committed to Quebec independence!


I was born when René Lévesque was starting his second year as Premier of Quebec, a few months after the National Assembly adopted the Charter of the French language. Today, at 44, I still wonder how different my life, like that of all Quebeckers, would have been if a fundamentally sovereign party had not then profoundly changed the political face of the people of Quebec by moving them from the status of a Canadian minority to a majority of people at home.

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I grew up in disappointments over the defeat of the 1980 referendum and in the disappointed hopes that followed. I was just 2 when René Lévesque invited us to the next time! The years have left me with this unquenchable will to pursue this dream relentlessly, for the rest of the world.

Sovereignty project

In 1995 I was finally able to measure the concreteness of the sovereign project which until then had seemed to me only very abstract. Yes, the world could change. The people of Quebec could afford to break out of dormant talk to finally embrace the reality of their own emancipation. I understood that the power to unite collectively towards a common project can move mountains. May the desire for emancipation and taking control of our collective destiny be the bearer of an inclusive project to guarantee full control of the levers of our collective destiny.

Since then, the defeat and betrayed promises to renew Canadian order have only perpetuated the erosion of Quebec’s powers. Quebec has long tried everything to integrate with dignity in Canada, without success. As writer Rita Mae Brown sums it up, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result.” Please don’t embrace this folly of repeating the same mistakes and hoping for reforms that will never come to Canada today.

Quebec independence is more necessary than ever. Because the time has come for our people to speak with their voices to the nations of the earth; that we finally participate in the challenges of humanity without having to ask permission from another oil state whose interests dominate ours. Because our language is losing ground all the time and our dependence on Canada is the cause. Because we must have more than enough to justify our laws duly voted in the National Assembly before a foreign Crown that can invalidate them according to its ideological moods.

Over time, my work as an artist has allowed me to meet people from all over Quebec, French Canada and around the world. Listening to what people have to say about their stories, their dreams, their peoples and their political contexts fascinated me. Above all, the need for small nations to control the levers of the state to develop their collective prosperity and promote their cultures.

I am applying to Rosemont for the Parti Québécois because I fundamentally believe that independence is the only political option that can allow Quebecs to thrive as a people. I run to proudly represent a great party that has marked the cultural, socio-economic and identity development of Quebec.

This project must stay alive

I undertake to follow the aspirations of the people of my country, to be interested in the realization of their concrete needs, their deep ambitions and their dreams, both individual and collective. In the current global turbulence – from the climate crisis to growing social and economic inequalities – the decisive actions and changes we collectively need to bring about can only materialize through a stimulating and unifying project that will ensure the vitality and influence of Quebec culture: independence .

This project must at all costs stay alive, evolving with the times, so that it can regain strength in due time to show Quebecers of all origins and loyalties that there is nothing more resilient on Earth than will. of freedom. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of René Lévesque’s birth, it is our duty to reinvigorate the party he founded to carry out this unfinished project. I am ready to take responsibility for contributing to it with all of you.

Pierre-Luc Brillante

Actor, musician and candidate of the Parti Québécois in Rosemont


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