‘Harry & Meghan’ has hit the British media


Their meeting on Instagram then their love story under the relentless eye of the paparazzi: Harry and Meghan reveal their “truth” in a documentary, and above all settle accounts with the British tabloids, accused of “destroying” them as they had done with Diana.

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Almost three years after the sensational break with the monarchy and exactly three months after the accession to the throne of King Charles III, “Harry & Meghan”, long awaited in the United Kingdom, brings back to the fore a crisis which has seen the British royals accused of not have never accepted the American actress, mestizo and divorced, but also of racism.

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If the last three episodes of next Thursday promise to be more daring for the family with the story of their departure for California, the three already available spare it relatively, limiting themselves to a few veiled episodes, and focusing on the beginning of the story. love of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, until their marriage in 2018.

Using vacation or family photos and interviews filmed over the water on the phone, the series delves into their intimacy: their meeting on Instagram, their first date (Harry was late), their first trip to camp in Botswana, their their surprisingly first official dinner with Harry’s older brother William and his wife Kate, Meghan’s meeting with the late Elizabeth II when she couldn’t curtsy.

Above all, it gives Harry an opportunity to attack the British tabloids, who have quickly become hostile to the “capricious duchess” they prefer Kate to.

“It is my duty to expose this exploitation and corruption within our media,” Harry said quickly by telephone from London’s Heathrow Airport before leaving the UK in 2020.

The couple criticize the methods of the tabloids that dissect the actions of Meghan, who was taught no one the protocol, persecuted her family and friends, collected the confidences of a half-sister she hasn’t seen for 10 years, also according to them they fabricated scandals .

The 38-year-old prince considers his wife “very similar” to his mother Diana, who died in Paris in a car accident in 1997 chased by paparazzi shortly after her divorce from Charles. “Seeing another woman I love go through this frenzy is tough. She is the hunter versus the hunted”.

“No matter how hard I tried, if I was good, what I did, they always found a way to destroy me,” said Meghan, 41.

The documentary uses an excerpt from Diana’s confessional interview in 1995, which William asked never to be shown again.

Since their departure, the couple, who have two young children, have been wildly unpopular in the UK, often portrayed as self-righteous, criticizing media attention, yet making millions from their confessions.

Following the Netflix documentary, Harry will release his memoir titled ‘The Substitute’ in early January.

A year and a half after their shocking interview on American television, in which they accused a member of the royal family of racism, this time Harry believes that this factor played a significant role in the hostility of the press towards his mixed-race wife. He also evokes the “unconscious prejudices” on this subject within the monarchy and admits that he was “ashamed” of the episode in which, as a teenager, he disguised himself by wearing a Nazi uniform.

The hatchet is therefore far from buried. In his first speech as king, the day after Elizabeth II’s death, Charles III had already mentioned his youngest son and his wife, sending them all his “affection as they continue to build their lives abroad”.

The question now is whether and how Buckingham will react. Faced with the accusations of racism, Elizabeth II had a now famous response: “memories may vary”.

And contrary to the banner stating that the royal family would not comment on the documentary, Buckingham Palace said it had not been “contacted” to react.


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