Great series to make us fall asleep?


From tomorrow we can watch The rings of powerthe most expensive series in history.

But you will need to be an Amazon Prime Video subscriber. As if you had to subscribe to HBO Max or Crave to see The house of the dragon, a very modest series compared to the others, given that the production budget for the first 10 episodes is just $ 200 million. When you have, like Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, a personal fortune of 200 billion, you do not produce “small economic series” of the kind. The first season of his latest toy, The rings of powerit cost $ 465 million, excluding a quarter billion to buy the rights to Tolkien’s work.

Fans of the genre certainly know The house of the dragon is made from the same flour as Game of thrones, which is about two centuries earlier. As for the Bezos series, The rings of powerthe characters live in a time of peace in Middle-earth, a few millennia before the appearance of Frodo Baggins, the main character of the Lord of the Rings.

In both cases, we are immersed in fantastic and imaginary worlds that have nothing to do with reality.


But what’s so attractive about this type of series? Although fans of the Game of Thrones deny it, nudity, sex and violence were the first spells of this series as early as 11 years old. Violence is reported less and less on television, but it has never been so present.

The worldwide success of the South Korean series The squid game demonstrates the irresistible fascination that violence exerts on most spectators. Until recent years, the Quebec series were among the most peaceful and measured in the world. Slowly the Quebec broadcasters and producers realized that violence “pays”, so much so that they are no longer deprived of it.

Is the real world, the one we live in, you and I, so detestable that we have to run away from it as often as possible and get lost in these imaginary worlds created by millions of people from the books of Tolkien and George RR Martin?

Not for nothing Internet giants like Meta (Facebook), Apple or Microsoft will spend tens of billions over the next few years to create and make explorable a new digital world that has been called “metaverse”. .

Getting lost these days requires expensive apps and headsets, but we’ll eventually have cheaper access to these unusual immersive digital environments and great virtual shows. It is a simple matter of time.


Before being able to join the elves and dwarves of power ringsthe beautiful Princess Rhaenyra and the evil Prince Daemon Targaryen of The house of the dragonwe must be content with frequenting them on our television screens.

Considering the huge – almost scandalous – investments made to produce similar series, we can expect subscriptions to Prime Video, HBO and most video on demand platforms to cost more and more. How long will these series lead us to forget the increase in the monthly cost of subscriptions to video on demand services?


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