Great events for the great return of the Summer Festival


The wait is coming to an end. 1088 days and six waves of COVID-19 after the Blink-182 concert during the closing night of the 2019 Summer Festival, the Plains of Abraham will vibrate once again, starting Wednesday night, to the rhythm of the hits of the stars that form the -up line of Canada’s premier music event. What are the unmissable concerts of this FEQ 2022? The evenings that could remain etched in the memories? Here is our selection.

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Luca Pettini

Plains of Abraham, July 8

Over the years, the FEQ has tried, with varying degrees of success, to create an annual national meeting in the lowlands. After ignoring the genre during his last two presentations in 2018 and 2019, programming director Louis Bellavance may have hit the jackpot by betting on the neo-country phenomenon. Not only are the Luke Combs concerts scheduled for this fall at the Bell Center and Videotron Center sold out, but the subscriptions for the evening of July 8 are the most requested on the web.

Anger at the car

Plains of Abraham, July 16

A survivor of FEQ’s 2020 lineup who was sacrificed on the altar of the pandemic, the iconic ’90s rock band, renowned as much for its edgy tunes as it is for its highly critical US government political activism, finally arrives at the premiere. time in Quebec. Since they’re not dating, if you miss them, the chances of getting caught are slim. We prefer to let you know.

Charlotte Cardin

Plains of Abraham, 6 July

Photographic Archives, QMI Agency

Six years ago, she was parachuted into a disaster in the Plains to play the first part of Sting and Peter Gabriel’s concert, following a retreat, on the opening night of the FEQ. She this year she returns from the front door, triumphant, conquering, with a successful debut album and four Juno awards. To celebrate her return, the Festival couldn’t celebrate the occasion better than by offering the Plains to the feeling of Quebec time.

Luis Fonsi

Plains of Abraham, July 14

Luis Fonsi

Photographic archive, AFP

Luis Fonsi

Is there a sufficient pool of Latin music lovers among FEQ’s faithful to bring back one of its stars every year? The FEQ rolls the dice with Luis Fonsi. Calculated Risk: The guy is the author of Despacitothe song that broke all listening records.

Alanis Morissette

Plains of Abraham, July 15

The nostalgic bursts of FEQ 2022 definitely point to the 90s. After Rage Against The Machine, the Ontario singer, he praised himself thanks to the album Small jagged pillis another choice to make for the Festival.

Three days Grace

Francophonie Park, July 11

Photographic archive, Cédric Belanger

In 2014, Canadian rockers drew large crowds to the Parc de la Francophonie. While the site benefits from a new setup that allows it to receive more festival attendees, don’t bet against Three Days Grace’s chances of forcing the doors to close again.


Plains of Abraham, July 12

Photographic Archives, QMI Agency

Quebec rap has come to this: now it is entitled to an evening of its own on the biggest stage in the FEQ. All that remains is to find out who will be the guests of Loud’s carte blanche.

Brown 5

Plains of Abraham, 9 July

In 2015 we were able to admire Mick Jagger’s dance moves. This year we will be able to listen Moves like Jagger. With the popular Maroon 5, the FEQ can anticipate a busy evening.

Jack Johnson

Plains of Abraham, July 7

A rare visit to that of the Hawaiian singer-surfer, whose depth of commitment to the environmental cause is matched only by the number of earthworms in his repertoire.

Hubert Lenoir

National Assembly Square, July 8

Photographic Archives, QMI Agency

Love it or hate it, one thing is certain: a concert by the explosive and unpredictable Hubert Lenoir is sure to be memorable.


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