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The reunion of the cult trio inaugurated the first full-caliber Francos since 2019, on June 9 at Club Soda. Loud Lary Ajust (LLA) was also responsible for closing the circuit on Saturday night, leading the last big free concert of this 33rdAnd appointment.

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Charles-Eric Blais-Poulin

Charles-Eric Blais-Poulin
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“It will be a party of anger, not a tea room, the formation had warned on Instagram. Bring all your crazy friends. We want to see you in crazy shit. ”

The list and order of the pieces beaten on the main stage – poor eardrums – were more or less a copy-paste of the opening concert, this one paid and sold out: it was above all a question of thanking gullywoodpublished ten years ago.

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS

The crowd of LLA fans gathered in front of the Bell Stage

On the grand stage, the jubilee title was highlighted by nine gigantic white letters – referring to a certain sign on Mount Lee – separating the rap duo and its rhythm designer, Ajust, crossed out at the top.

On the one hand, Laurent Fortier-Brassard, alias Lary Kidd, in the ass: white Nike headband, denim jacket and pants dropped halfway down the pants. On the other, Simon Cliche Trudeau, aka Loud, as an athlete in the warm-up phase: blue jogger, gray sweatshirt and red Canadian cap.

In the ring, the exchanges were substantial. The first ? Aggressive, imposing. The second one ? Strategist, cheater. A duel and a duet, with the crowd as the third boxer.

Almost all the titles of gullywoodpoisonous fire, passed through the speakers. Outremont, which opens the album, opens the evening accordingly. “Four figures in the audience / The world is packed like sardines / There are no seats at night / It’s magic in the crowd. “Four figures? Rather” five “, which slowly dispersed in the rue Sainte-Catherine.

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS


Magic? Dozens of glittering spotlights lit up when the Nietzschean Lary Kidd published the sharp lines of Candle wood dresses, written with nihilistic blood. “God died of an overdose of Seroquel, baby / In an American Apparel suit, baby / If I overdose tonight, at least I was well dressed. ”

Call to “go crazy”

For groats, the Kidd asked the crowd to “go crazy”. As often happens – perhaps, except on the evenings of the CH matches – the “crazy turn” of the public was proportional to his proximity to the action. This was true for the wave motion of the pools, but also for the enthusiasm of joining the leitmotifs acclaimed by the fans. “One night only, ONO! ”

The trap of snow crabcaught my God (2013) just like No fucking way and the title track of the EP, have generated new turmoil.



The passage of LLA, which broke up in peace in 2016, allowed not only to see and hear a belated cult group, but also to measure the progress of two rappers who stand out solo. The archive images shown during the concert amplified this impression of the path traveled.

It was the party of gullywoodbut his successor, Volvo blue (2014), has not yet been overshadowed. Even better, a real blue Volvo appeared behind the MCs later Nothing goes anymore, who had already raised a mass of weapons into the air. “I’ve walked to the sound, blinded by the lights / I’ve been searching for the same song my whole damn life. ” hold my drinkquintessential club song, strengthened the wave.

But the real tsunami came double, during KISS KISS. “You know the way of life / We chase money screaming to get / Baby, it’s all real. “

Sweet revenge that of this end of Francos for a record that, in 2015, was avoided by ADISQ due to its too strong concentration of Franglais.

From 33I am Francos were dedicated to Karim Ouellet, the choice ofFall – the collaboration with the late 37-year-old singer – like a swan song was obvious. At the request of Loud and Lary, thousands of amateur cameramen captured the scene.

“If I ever get out of it one day / I should have worn a fox mask / Pull the curtains and say good evening. ”

LLA will no doubt be happy to be left with these last words …


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