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Crowd surfing, broken guitar, almost Olympic acrobatics, convulsive sways, real-time projections, a hymn to acceptance: Hubert Lenoir, on Tuesday on the main stage of Francos, was … Hubert Lenoir. Exuberant, crazy, total.

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Charles-Eric Blais-Poulin

Charles-Eric Blais-Poulin
The print

In front of his most impressive plan of his career, the hero of the evening took to the stage with a slight delay catapulting himself Golden DathereS.not without first having launched a primordial cry, the first of a series of raids.

The second track hadn’t released its first notes when the singer, bewitched by a luminescent construction vest and NFB cap, volunteered to dive into the crowd, the first of a… sacred slew.

Those who have already observed the specimen in concert measure its pleasant propensity to excess. It happened during mtl freestylealso taken up by the recent and very dense ipse image (2021). Hubert Lenoir will take advantage of the almost rapped piece to reveal the delicate white dress tucked under his construction jacket.

“How many girls do I have to fuck for my friends to admire me? / How many cocks do I have to suck to be gay enough? ”

No censorship with Lenoir: “You came with you, you came with your mother who hates me a little”, the most punk of rockers clearly presumed, who later regretted having received numerous “homophobic death threats” in his early days .

It is during Sunday evening that the energy was catalyzed on the floor, while a melee of circumstances (mosh well) took shape without ever really slowing down. Otherwise during the anxious pause of If we got thereone of the four Tuesday proposals borrowed Darlenefirst album released in 2018.

After October And Sugar and saltthis is your hotel, another excerpt from the inaugural record, which was to reconstitute the crowd that had accumulated up to the Complexe Desjardins. “And death won’t hurt if we go straight to heaven / Let me sleep outside your hotel.” And Lenoir lay down again on a bed of willing arms.

As usual, the singer presented himself direct, turbulent, proud. For example by presenting Secretfor which he had won the SOCAN Songwriting Prize earlier in the day.

Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, special collaboration

Hubert Lenoir

No false humility with Lenoir: “Okay! It’s one of the best songs I’ve written in my life. ”

Sometimes during the concert, the master of ceremonies breaks his pieces with silences and “chuuut”. The explanation will be given later. This is a trick to comply with the 96 decibel limit prescribed by the “fucking condos, corporations and shit” around the Place des Festivals.

No compromise with Lenoir: “The police only calculate the average of the concert. They are no longer a cellar than another. I have long moments of silence because afterwards you can scream the volume in the background, tabarnak. “

After an unlikely potpourri of pop hits delivered in a hard-rock sauce (Falling stars, Fireworks, All Stars, The time of cathedralss), is the sequence of Pound cake and of Person II’s daughter which will move the audience, with thousands of volunteer singers singing this “unrolling” refrain: “I came to tell you / That you can change / I saw a future of liberated women / Where you wore skin / And a shaved head.”

We recall that two songs extended the evening: Phase, during which Hubert Lenoir ruined his guitar on stage (no less!), then, at the end of an all-English playlist – why not digress? -, the pipe Restart.

Yes, it will start again.

No surprises with Lenoir: there will always be surprises.

Live music, live concert

ipse imagereleased in September 2021, it is a concept album of “direct music”, in particular with reference to the many songs lo fi recorded live. How did this idea translate on stage? It is through the video that Hubert Lenoir paid homage to Pierre Perrault’s cinema. A camera directed by his accomplice Noémie D. Leclerc filmed the singer’s comings and goings on stage, in the dressing rooms – to take a bottle of forte, for example, or come back with a spinning crown (or was it a necklace?), Between the crowd, etc. These moments were broadcast live on the two big screens.


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