Fred Pellerin in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton: more discreet, but always present


The storyteller Fred Pellerin insists and signals: he will not reconsider his decision not to collaborate directly with the municipality of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton anymore, but assures that he will continue to be involved in his native village.

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“For me it is decided. I will not go back to work directly with the village,” he said in a recent telephone interview. I dipped my finger once in hot water and I understood how it worked.

It was a controversy surrounding the Féerie de Noël a few years ago that rang to death for the collaboration between Fred Pellerin and the city administration of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton. As part of this celebration, every year during the holiday season, it was the voice of the artist that was heard during sleigh rides in the village. However, for the 2018-2019 edition, the municipality made changes to the recording, notably taking on another person’s voice, without first agreeing with the narrator. Disappointed, Fred Pellerin decided to dissociate himself from the project surrounding the Féerie de Noël.

“There is no bitterness and at the moment I am on good terms with everyone”, he assured. By not returning directly to the municipal spas, I keep myself in a happy area ”.

The artist, who has always been very attached to this Maurice village that he somehow put on the map, added at the same time that the locally elected officials respect his decision.

Although he regularly dates Mayor Gina Lemire, Fred Pellerin says he would refuse any of his requests.

“For 20 years I put my heart out and the way it ended hurt me too much. I strive differently to have more control, that agreements are clearer and that we are not at the mercy of politics.

During the interview, he also told us that his involvement in village community life has never slowed down, but is perhaps less visible on the ground.

Invest differently

Fred Pellerin owns a house in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, which he lends to artists. Illustrator Annie Boulanger settled there for six weeks last spring to create small boat race with local school children. The exhibition was presented all summer in the church.

“I made the connections between Annie Boulanger, the organization [à but non] profitable development Saint-Élie as well as the village school, “he specified, adding that he also used his contacts to get Développement Saint-Élie to obtain the rights to broadcast the film. The tooth extractorwhich was presented at the Garage de la culture, the center of attraction in the country.

Fred Pellerin will launch a new narrative show based on a character from Saint-Élie-de-Caxton in September. In addition, he is busy finishing the filming of a series of forest documentaries. In addition, he has received an order for the screenplay of an upcoming film.

“My downfall will mostly be touring and writing the next film. For me, getting on the road with a new show is like playing with my new ride-on mower. I have a lot of fun ”, said the woman who one day would like to write for the theater as well.


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