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Jennifer Lopez, barely 50, recounts her journey as she prepares to perform at the age of 54And Super Bowl with Shakira, and for which he hopes to get an Oscar nomination Cheaters.

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Marc-André Lemieux

Marc-André Lemieux
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The documentary on Jennifer Lopez, Half the time, it is aptly named. Firstly, because it shows the artist blowing out his 50 candles and saying he hasn’t finished moving on. Two, because it revolves around the show he gave at the Super Bowl in 2020. And third, because he spends a long, long time (almost half) on Cheatershis 2019 feature avoided the Oscars, a topic that, three years later, no longer interests many people.

Interviewed in front of Amanda Micheli’s lens (Las Vegas Baby) during the first 10 minutes of the documentary, the actress, singer, producer and entrepreneur declares that from now on she wants to “make films that entertain”, but “carry a message”.

Surprisingly, Half the time keeps both of these promises.

We admit we were surprised, because we were far from anticipating a documentary so busy ” Jenny from the block “.

The Bronx icon admits it herself from the start: she has never been politicized. But when the National Football League contacted her to perform, with Shakira, the musical part of 54And Super Bowl, keeping quiet was unthinkable. After all, we were in the middle of the era of Donald Trump, an American president who spread anti-Spanish racist rhetoric.

Half the time shows how the Puerto Rican-born star wanted to take advantage of the concert to “say something more”, in particular by presenting children in cages (a reference to the conditions of detention of illegal immigrants in Texas).

As for pure entertainment, watching J. Lo rehearse her performance as she drags her diamond-encrusted water bottle is definitely at the top of the list, just ahead of her conversations with Shakira to negotiate timing on the microphone.

Unexplored ways

Efficiently built, Half the time it’s worth a look, but for some reason Netflix’s offering pays an inordinate amount of attention Cheaters (in French, Heels scam), this comedy-drama by Lorene Scafaria in which Jennifer Lopez plays a stripper who devises a plan to rob wealthy Wall Street clients.

The documentary exposes everything, and more: Jennifer practicing pole dance, Jennifer filming, Jennifer at the Toronto Film Festival, a tired Jennifer who is moved by a positive review of the magazine. CharmJennifer winning a Golden Globes nomination … It’s frankly too much.

We would have liked the artist to address other topics in more detail, such as her difficult beginnings in the industry, her family (Jennifer claims she was beaten), Hollywood misogyny, etc. Yet rich, these issues are quickly evacuated. Her Versace green dress from the 2000 Grammys is also getting more airtime.

Thus we end the feature film with the impression of having met only a part of Jennifer Lopez, the one she wanted to show. ” i am real he sings, but just when he feels like it.

Half the time


Half the time

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