FEQ: Charlotte Cardin’s meteoric rise in 5 defining moments


Charlotte Cardin will have the honor of launching the 2022 edition of the Festival d’été de Québec, which is sold out after two years of cancellation or reduced attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Montrealer has experienced a dizzying rise over the past 10 years.

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Here are five highlights of the songwriter’s career.

1) His appearance on the show The voice

Quebecer became known to the general public during the first edition of the show The voice aired on TVA in 2013. Chosen by Marie-Mai, she reached the final, during which she performed a piece by her coach and Fred Pellerin, appearance.

However, she did not win the television competition, while the public crowned Jérôme Couture, but this beautiful career gave her a lot of visibility to be able to start her singing career well.

2) Elton John is also under the spell of Charlotte Cardin

FEQ: Charlotte Cardin's meteoric rise in 5 defining moments

During his radio show on the prestigious BBC channel broadcast in 2017, British star Elton John spoke about the rising Montreal star, as well as introducing his listeners girl’s handtitle track of Cardin’s second EP.

“That’s crazy. He said he loved the song. Then he put it on a Spotify playlist he created and which was called Elton John Loves. These are his musical favorites of the moment. Twice, Elton John made me l ‘wink and it really scared me, ”Charlotte Cardin told Tree trunk in 2017.

3) A first nomination at the ADISQ Gala

Charlotte Cardin at the 39th Gala de l'ADISQ, presented at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on 29 October 2017.

QMI Photographic Archives, Sébastien St-Jean

Charlotte Cardin at the 39th Gala de l’ADISQ, presented at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on 29 October 2017.

Charlotte Cardin received her first nomination at the Gala de l’ADISQ in 2017 as Song of the Year, splintersand for the English-speaking show of the year thanks to its concert, big guy.

The young artist didn’t win a trophy during this edition, but she got her hands on three Félix in 2021.

4) The release of his first album, Phoenix

The Canadian pop singer has released her debut album, titled Phoenixin 2021.

The album contains the song Nonsense, whose music video has been listened to more than four million times on the YouTube platform.

American production box Atlantic Records Artists will produce their new project. The record publishing house is in particular in charge of the albums of Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

Phoenix it has already reached the top position of the most listened to Canadian albums on the prestigious chart Scoreboard.

5) The undisputed queen of Juno

FEQ: Charlotte Cardin's meteoric rise in 5 defining moments

In 2022 Charlotte Cardin was the most crowned artist of the Juno edition, which rewards Canadian musical artisans. She concluded the evening with a collection of four awards out of the five nominations she received.

The Montreal native has noticeably surpassed international stars Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes by seeing her work Phoenix be crowned album of the year. “I am completely in shock,” repeated the 27-year-old artist at the time.

Charlotte Cardin will offer a white card show this Wednesday, July 6 at 9:30 pm in the Plains of Abraham.


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