Fall scheduling: Big returns and exciting new features for TVA


Autumn promises to be full of surprises and excitement on TVA with the return of the bigwigs “Revolution” and “Masked singers” on Sunday evening, but the channel also has four promising new fictions up its sleeve, including the judicial newspaper “Indefenible” .

Thanks to “Indefendable”, TVA wants to impose itself in the time slot of 19:00, from Monday to Thursday, dominated for six seasons by “District 31”. The battle promises to be tough against “Stat”, which succeeds “District 31” on ICI Télé, with the resumption of the two productions at the same time on Monday 12 September.

“We have been looking for a daily fiction to put on the grid for a long time. The Quebecor Content team really found the best proposition and we always wanted to put it at 7pm. For us, 19:00 is the beginning of the evening. We continued with “The cheater”, which will still get nearly 1 million viewers, then our daily drama “Indefendable” and “The Tower”, it’s a fight that really made sense, “the Senior Director of Channels and Channels explained on Monday. Programming at TVA Group, Nathalie Fabien, on the sidelines of the presentation of the fall training of TVA.

“Indefensible” will take place in court and within the walls of the Lapointe-Macdonald cabinet, where criminal lawyers defend the accused, some guilty and others not. “He is a very talented and rigorous lawyer, skilled in oratorical jousting,” said Sébastien Delorme about his character, Me Léo Macdonald.


Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, who becomes Me Marie-Anne Desjardins in “Indéfendable”, believes that viewers “will discover the humanity of this ‘work’, and what is striking […]is that ordinary lives can change from one day to the next. “” Anna and Arnaud “,” My mother “and” Hotel “Among all the new fiction, in addition to” Hotel “(Thursday, at, from 22 September ) which was supposed to launch last January and was postponed to September due to a lack of publishers, viewers will have two more promising titles to watch.

First of all, let’s talk about “Anna and Arnaud” (Tuesday, at 8 pm, starting from 13 September), a series based on the novel “Anna and the old child” by Francine Ruel. Anna, a mother encamped by Guylaine Tremblay, sees her son Arnaud (Nico Racicot) sink into drug addiction and ends up losing contact with him when he becomes homeless.

In “My Mother” (Tuesday, 8pm, from November 8), Chantal Fontaine lends her features to an accountant convicted of fraud. While behind bars, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When she leaves, she tries to piece her together with her three children, played by Marilyn Castonguay, Steve Gagnon and Rachel Graton.

Of course, the series “Alerts”, “Les moment parfaits” and “L’Échappée”, for its last season, will return in the week of 12 September.

“La Tour”: Gildor and his new neighbors: Gildor Roy takes the controls of “La Tour”, the program where it’s nice to talk about a myriad of topics in a good mood. Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc and Alexandre Barrette become his neighbors, a novelty for the third season.

For Sunday evening, TVA is betting on the fourth season of “Revolution”. Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse said on Monday that she is amazed every year to see that dance talent does not fail in Quebec. You mentioned another cohort raised.

As for “Masked Singers”, we go even further with flamboyant costumes and stunning sets for this second season, as we could see with the extract with the Elephant Yéyé.


For other consolidated events, we would like to point out the 35th anniversary of “Salut Bonjour”. Gino Chouinard was at the helm of the TVA morning program for 16 seasons.


There are also, among all the anniversaries to highlight, the 30 years of “JE” – with the investigations that led journalist-presenter Félix Séguin and his team to Colombia and Panama -, the three decades of “La poule aux golden eggs “, as well as LCN’s 25th anniversary, which aired on September 8, 1997.

Twenty-five special programs presented by Denis Levesque will highlight the news channel’s quarter century.

As for Julie Bélanger, she will start her 10th season of “It ends the week well” on September 16, at 7pm, this time with Jean-Michel Anctil at her side. The two accomplices will also know their co-hosting baptism on Sunday 11 September, at 7:30 pm, for the special “Back to school”.


You’ll have to wait until winter to see “La Voix” with host Charles Lafortune and coaches Corneille, Marc Dupré, Marjo and Mario Pelchat, as well as the new reality show “Get me out of here!” warmed by Alexandre Barrette and Jean-Philippe Dion.

Dr François Marquis, Marianne St-Gelais and Nathalie Simard are among the participants who bravely faced challenges in the middle of the jungle, with snakes and all the dangers that entails!

Jean-Philippe Dion will also return for a fifth season of “The real nature” in 2023, most notably welcoming Farah Alibay, Paul Piché and Gildor Roy in his chalet.

The second season of the comedy “Le bonheur”, even hotter than the previous one, will also enter the TVA schedule after the holidays, as well as the sequel to the touching series “Les bracelets rouges”.

Friday evenings will no longer be the same on TVA with the great return of Stéphan Bureau who will pilot, every week, live and for 90 minutes, a set that will fuel discussions and debates, that of the new program “Le monde à l’verso “.

Contrary to what the media reported last spring, it was never a question of setting “Le monde à l’Inversion” on Sunday evening against “Everyone is talking about it”.

“For us, Friday night, we really want to own it. I think it’s a good night for this kind of show. There were all the events of the week and we settled down, “said Nathalie Fabien, senior director of channels and programming at Groupe TVA.

Stéphan Bureau indicated that he “must be agitated” on his set and that in Quebec we must be able to listen to the opinions of others without getting angry.

“I wish we could argue, be stubborn at times, disagree, but do it with respect. […]and to ensure that we reclaim this fundamental right to debate and disagree.

“Live because we don’t want it to be polished, we don’t want all corners to be rounded. We want to live with this risk, on tiptoe, we also want to be able to respond in real time to what is happening around the world, ”said Stéphan Bureau.

The audience, including some people interested in the topics covered, will be on set to add their two cents.

Eight contributors announced on Monday will rotate back to the “World Upside Down”, namely Yasmine Abdelfadel, Biz, Gregory Charles, Louise Deschâtelets, Sophie Durocher, Raed Hammoud, Richard Martineau and Guy Nantel.

The premiere of “The Upside Down” will take place on Friday, September 16 at 8pm, right after “The week ended well”.

Sophie Thibault has now taken over the reins of TVA Nouvelles at 5pm and 6pm, and Pierre-Olivier Zappa took over at 10pm.

Pierre Bruneau, who left last June after 46 years at TVA, is back for the electoral campaign. He hosted a special on Sunday when the elections were called. He will return on September 15, at 8 pm, for the traditional “Face-à-face” and for the election night of October 3. So he will enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

Summing up the market shares of Groupe TVA’s special channels and the market share of its general interest channel TVA, Quebecor represents 40% of the total television audience, more than any other player in the industry.

To maintain its number one position, approximately $ 400 million has been invested this year in the company’s global content, which has released 150 original productions in the past 12 months. We also plan to inject another $ 150 million in original content next year, so we’re not sparing on the means to stay on top.


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