Exasperated, Bianca Longpré utters a poignant cry from her heart about the state of the healthcare system


Completely exasperated, Bianca Longpré had a lot to say about the state of the healthcare system and gave a heartfelt cry that rang out in many.

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Kimi, her 14-month-old son, has been ill for a few days, but the mother of the family encounters various obstacles as she tries to get adequate care for her son.

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Angry, the one nicknamed Ordinary Mother wrote a long text on her Facebook page in which she lets herself be carried away by the Quebec health system which has several shortcomings in her eyes. A former nurse herself, as well as being a mother of four children, Bianca doesn’t mince words when it comes to who is in charge of management and the bureaucracy behind the health system. She also offers some solutions that, in her opinion, would greatly improve the process for everyone.

Here is his text in full:

“** Please do not suggest any clinics ***
I write you a state of a mother disgusted by Quebec’s corrupt health system kept at a safe distance by competent personnel, but out of breath and I understand them!
My words are harsh on the system, but that’s what I feel, surely as thousands of Quebecers tired of paying taxes without quality health services.

Here is the obstacle course to see a doctor for a baby just 14 months old.
I had talked to a doctor some time ago. “Wait until it passes” he told me on the phone. two weeks later it gets worse.

My Kimi has a pediatrician “WOW WHAT A LUCK” you will tell me! But her pediatrician is a human being and she has COVID …
“It doesn’t matter, someone from his office will see your son!” “
No. Every day when I call, the first minute it opens is full.

Fortunately, the Children’s has set up a number for a RV in case of a pediatric emergency. SURPRISE is not really the service … instead you are transferred to the counters where everything is full. STILL.

I call in my area there is a service for those without a doctor …, but since he has a pediatrician he is not seen with the service.

So I go around the private clinics: everything is ULTRA COMPLETE and has been for days.

TELEMEDICINE! Go I pay $ 95 to talk to a nurse who tells me we can’t finally cure a child with a fever and cough problem.

I call the clinics up to 2 hours from our home: NOTHING.

Hello health: NOTHING.

Health counter: NOTHING.

But WHAT IS THIS SHIT? Since when can’t a 14-month-old baby be seen by a doctor?

I have to go to the emergency room, like hundreds of parents, wait 6-12-15 hours to be told “here’s your antibiotics” or “yes, it’s a virus …” or … come back if it gets worse …


Is it really this kind of service that we want?

That the elderly wait until 5 pm on a bench for a knee problem or for a follow-up because their doctor is not there?

We may have a family doctor or pediatrician, but these people cannot work 24 hours a day. And is it still necessary to be able to join them?
Mothers tell me it’s impossible to contact their doctor.

I have received dozens of messages from mothers who in recent days have gone to the emergency room for EARS, bronchitis and SINUSITIS !!!

How should I babysit my older children (my boyfriend is not there) to spend the night in the hospital with a child who is feverish and sick with a condition that does not require GOING IN AN EMERGENCY? Is this our health system?

We don’t want to go to the emergency room, but there is no option

(Having said that the battle is still there. I think of all those seeking treatment!)

Here you are going to tell me to stop crying and offer solutions. Well here it is:

– an IPS next to the triage for the cases that can be resolved with it. You will tell me there are no IPS, well, take scholarships THAT ARE LOOKING FOR to train them, OPEN PLACES IN THE PROGRAM and there will be some. THE QUEBEC NEEDS IT!

– The ordinance of doctors who wants to keep all documents for doctors IS DONE !!! You are not responding to the request. Until you respond to the DELEGATE request to nurses, pharmacists, inhalo etc.

– to arrange the practices of immigrant doctors. Match them with doctors so that they can at least be used to their full potential! When I have laryngitis I don’t care where the diploma comes from! We are not talking about neurosurgery.

– exploit the full potential of pharmacists. Super trained and skilled they are so little used!

– that the triage nurse can prescribe x-rays and blood tests. He has the clinical judgment for it. When you get in front of the doctor you already have your results. Don’t wait 12 hours to tell yourself to go for a blood test and x-ray and wait another 4 hours for the result. What a management of 1940 !!!

– A 24/24 non-emergency pediatric emergency in EVERY region without RV. We will wait but without burdening a real prompt intervention. It will empty the emergency room. Emergency doctors will be able to work on real emergencies.

– to subsidize through scholarships all health professionals who want to “update” their level of studies with the promise of working for the public.

– stop preventing RAMQ doctors from working for the public. Private agreement for the recruitment of RAMQ patients.

– clinic without appointment 24/24 vulnerable customers: children, the elderly, etc. with medical nurse who can treat and / or direct for small emergencies.

– Use technology to set up services with otoscopes, pulse oximeters, etc. for telemedicine to be more effective. From the telemedicine of the 2000s enough!

There you will say “Ooh you’re just a mother, former nurse, take care of your children and let the professionals take care of the health system …”

I think we have proof that the management / bureaucracy by senior executives is not working …

Gather IPS, nurses, coordinators, assistants, PABs, docs who work on the floor, ask them for their ideas, implement the solutions of the people who REALLY WORK on the floor. Solutions on paper of a person who has not set foot on the ground for 20 years: NOT WORTH ANYTHING. ERIEN

We have the slap of a health minister in an office proposing deals that do nothing to move forward. Cristies of promises is not worth

There are hundreds of people who have economic solutions that would change things. But you … it’s not complicated enough … not enough bureaucracy.

Anyway … I’ll take care of my baby.

GREETINGS to all parents, families, caregivers who are in the same boat ”.

As mentioned in the beginning, his message seems to have resonated with several Internet users, who have commented and shared by thousands of subscribers, as well as mentioning having experienced similar situations to his.

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