Éric Duhaime guest on Jordan Peterson’s podcast: who is this controversial “intellectual”?


Jordan Peterson is (very) popular. His podcast, Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, is in the top 100 of Apple Podcast, and is one of the figures of the new Anglo-Saxon right. It is therefore clear that the recording of an interview with Éric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), this Sunday, September 4, will play an important role in our election campaign.

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Some categorize him as a vulgar reactionary and love to make fun of him by including him in all kinds of memes to ridicule his thinking.

Others present him as the mastermind of a whole range of conservative ranks, ranging from the macho community to the new traditional conservatives.

However, ignoring the impact of this thinker, author of world bestsellers, like 12 Rules for life: an antidote to chaos, it’s risky. And now he is inserting himself into Quebec politics and the current campaign by inviting Éric Duhaime, leader of the PCQ, to his podcast.

Who is Jordan Peterson? We will try to answer this question in four points.

A focused and focused teacher

Its reputation is sulphurous. He justifies the inequalities between men and women in the name of the laws of evolution. He argues that wanting to eliminate some forms of discrimination can be dangerous authoritarianism – because such discrimination is inherent in the natural functioning of society – and that claiming to want to eradicate it would be dangerous.

He opposes the Canadian government’s C-16 gender identity law, saying it refuses to obey in a YouTube video. This law allows everyone to be designated by the name of their choice (he, he, she, etc.).

Éric Duhaime guest on Jordan Peterson's podcast: who is this controversial

His attitude in public, as during the debates, was considered misogynist, male chauvinist and aimed at ridiculing the opponent, even more so if that opponent is a woman.

This attitude means that the latter does not hesitate to target his opponents in his chronicles and in his speeches. Our columnist Joseph Facal was able to give the title to his viral letter of resignation from the University of Toronto due to its extreme “wokéisation” which would endanger freedoms, including freedom of expression.

An intellectual accused of “transphobia”

Jordan Peterson was recently accused of transphobia following a war of words over Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page, before she came out trans and non-binary in 2020. His remarks led to her being banned from Twitter in July. 2022.

Éric Duhaime guest on Jordan Peterson's podcast: who is this controversial

In a June 22 tweet, Peterson accused the doctor who allowed Mr. Page to make his transition to being a criminal. He also linked pride in this tweet (pride) such a shame.

Following a warning from Twitter asking him to remove the tweet – in accordance with its anti-hate speech policy – Peterson refused to remove it and was banned from the social network on the 1st.uh July, after which he spoke on the subject in a video that went viral.

His words, for many activists and members of the community, echoed the various old accusations of transphobia that have peppered the academic career.

In an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, You Joe Rogan experienceJordan Peterson believes, for example, that being trans is comparable to satanic ritual abuse and sickness.

A thinker loved by masculinists

As this kind of talk is part of his so-called war against the “transgender agenda”, Jordan Peterson has become a favorite figure of masculinists. (inceli, in English).

This role model for the latter was built thanks to his book 12 Rules for life, which seeks to offer men seeking life guidance a set of simple rules. We find “Stand up straight” (rule # 1), “Tidy up your house before criticizing the world” (# 6), “Don’t lie” (# 8) or even “Take responsibility for becoming a man”.

Éric Duhaime guest on Jordan Peterson's podcast: who is this controversial

Wallmart screen

However, it is his critique of progressive ideology that tends to make its mark on this audience.

As the Usbek and Rica website recalls, Peterson explains that by trying to make peace through speeches of benevolence, progressive ideology and political correctness – that is to say, speeches that feminize man, according to him – one becomes “increasingly interested in a fascist ideology. “. For Peterson we must therefore return women to their natural, biological place, otherwise we will end up in chaos.

The affiliation to masculinism haunts him even more, in light of an interview between Olivia Wilde, actress and director, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, actress, on the upcoming premiere movie. Don’t worry honey. In Interview magazineOlivia Wilde explains that the main character in the film, played by Chris Pine, is inspired by this “crazy, pseudo-intellectual man of the community. incel“(“Crazy, pseudo-intellectual of the incel community”in English in the text), Jordan Peterson.

Peterson reacts, in National Post, writing that he hopes Chris Pine will at least do justice to the “sartorial splendor of my wardrobe,” while pissing him off in this waking Hollywood propaganda piece.

A controversial Canadian academic when it comes time to talk about Quebec politics and the French language

In recent months, in addition to welcoming Éric Duhaime to his podcast, Jordan Peterson is no stranger to Quebec politics.

In a tweet dated January 7, 2022, Peterson called the Quebec minister of health and candidate for re-election in the La Prairie guide a “wastewater rat” (“scum rat”).

This offensive tweet was made in response to the public health press conference where the possibility of making the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine mandatory as part of the vaccine passport was raised.

In an episode of Steven Crowder’s show, a commentator considered to be on the far right of the spectrum of American politics, Jordan Peterson also had good words for Quebec and the French language.

He explained that speaking French was inexcusable these days. For him, Quebec should enter the modern world, thus implicitly calling for the abandonment of French and the adoption of English.

Éric Duhaime, leader of the PCQ, attended a recording of Jordan Peterson’s podcast on Sunday, September 4, 2022. It is likely that the future availability of this interview will be an important event in the Conservative campaign and in the general election campaign.


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