Documentary “What Now?”: Victims of Childhood Sexual Violence Give Up


The documentary And now? presents men and women who were sexually abused when they were children, their travels and the repercussions of these tragedies on their lives. “We wanted to show that we can get out of it,” explains Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, who delicately directs this difficult documentary.

Spokesman of the Marie-Vincent Foundation for seven years and mother of two daughters, actress Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin is particularly passionate about the subject of children and adolescents victims of sexual violence. That’s why we turned to her to direct this documentary which tells the story of five victims of sexual assault and, most importantly, their journey from childhood to adulthood.

“The goal is to show hope, raise awareness and talk about this very taboo subject to help maybe even a child”, adds the actress who has often been turned upside down in these hours of great meetings.

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Between the ages of 32 and 50, these five people tell their story shamelessly; opening the doors of the most difficult moments, but also of the return of light, when they managed to get out of it (each at different levels).

These are the stories of Marie, Caroline, Valérie, Stéphane and Paul who decided to come forward not for themselves, but to change things and so that the young victims could find the courage to denounce their attacker in turn.

The two portraits of men explore a side that seems even more taboo and yet exists. These two grown men have taken very different paths, proving that each case and each path is unique.

Believe the victims

What does the actress remember most – who believes she has been able to establish a good bond of trust with guests – of this experience?

“The importance of always, always listening and believing in children,” he says without hesitation. And now ? shows the disastrous and long-term effects of a child’s testimony that is not taken seriously when it is finally handed over to a parent.

For the actress who is on her first project of this kind on this subject, the desire to continue on this path is strong.

“It is the first time that I approach this difficult topic in this way and certainly not the last, says those who believe in prevention. I gave myself the right to undertake this and from the outside it became more real and clearer. I’ll never know what it’s like to be molested as a child, but I’m with them with all my heart. “

“These people came to light after all this and that’s what interests me: how we can get out of it, what we can do for these victims and how we can be vigilant to become the best allies,” he continues.

It is by doing prevention and healthy sex education with our children, opening them to the subject so that it becomes less taboo, being vigilant and using resources in case of questions or incidents (, in particular) that we can, believe, prevent that other tragedies of this kind happen.


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