Discover the surprising passion of Jessie, the daughter of Patrick Huard


For Jessie, who has Lynda Lemay and Patrick Huard as parents, the artistic path was clear. While finishing her studies, the young flying trapeze enthusiast has just started her company, Cirque Misfits, with her lover, William Parenteau. They also gave their first flying trapeze show in early September in Granby.

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If Jessie Huard now defies gravity from the top of her trapezoid, it’s partly the fault of her mother, Lynda Lemay. “My sister was about seven when she saw the movie. Madagascar, where the animals flew to the trapeze, and he said he wanted to try it out. My mother found a school and accompanied her for the first time. The following week she wanted to return and my mother offered to accompany them. I was 16 and I didn’t want to know anything. I went there to please them just thinking about watching. In the end I let myself be tempted and immediately got the sting.

Not only did she discover a passion, but she also met the man who became her lover, William Parenteau. “I quit and started a couple of times, but I’d say it’s been about four years since I got into it more seriously. When I met William, he was already doing shows and realizing it could be a possibility, it motivated me to practice. as much as possible to have the level. We motivate each other and we push each other having the same passion “.


Evolving more than 25 or 30 feet in the air inevitably provides chills. “I often say it’s my therapy,” admits the girl, laughing. When you do the trapeze, everything that is part of your normal life – work, school or family problems – instantly vanishes. There is also a social aspect. Our closest friends also do the trapeze. We are happy to be together and to do it together ”.

William explains that the practice requires such concentration that the rest no longer exist. “You have no choice but to be in the present moment when you do the trapeze. If you think about anything else, this is where injuries come into play. This feeling of intense concentration, putting your head on one thing, allows you to disconnect from the rest and experience strong emotions.

Learning the flying trapeze requires a lot of diligence, willpower and hard work, but every success is lived with pride. “When we start, we have a belt and we are held by someone, explains Jessie. So let’s start doing it without being attacked; it is extremely stressful and scary. It is psychologically exhausting, even if it is also very physical. But when we have managed to make a move, the pride and feeling of omnipotence it gives us is exceptional. They are truly extreme emotions ”.

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William Parenteau has been part of a flying trapeze company in the past. “The place where I started trapezoid had a company. I’ve done shows with them. This summer, Jessie, two other people and I went overseas to work together. We then got the contract for a show in Granby and they wanted to have a way to introduce ourselves on social networks. We had the idea of ​​starting a new company.

Cirque Misfits was born of this opportunity. “Hopefully this is the basis for more things to come,” Jessie said. We hope to be able to present this project to other people and get more contracts. We would like our company to grow and not necessarily just a flying trapeze. We would also like to offer aerial cloth or other circus apparatuses. In addition, most of the troop members also do trampoline, aerial belt, Russian swing or aerial silk. “When you enter the circus world, it is rare that you do just one thing. When we train, we are often surrounded by people doing other things. You learn the basics, without being an expert, but the more multidisciplinary you are, the easier it is ”.

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The parents of the two young circus performers welcome their passion with pleasure, even if not everyone reacts in the same way to the danger of their activity. “My father is the worst, admits the comedian’s daughter. He really gets stressed. He has seen me perform twice. Even though he had stars in his eyes after the show, I know his heart skips a beat every time he steps off the platform. For my mother, since she does the trapeze, she understands its movements and dangers ”. Same sharing of parental fears on William’s side. “My mother always encouraged me to be a bit reckless. As for my father, it was thanks to him that I started, during the holidays together. He saw me perform my first few times, but he hasn’t seen me perform since. He travels often; his program never allowed him to be there. Even though Jessie is finishing her final year of teaching French in high school and William is a math teacher in high school, the two would like their passion for the flying trapeze to become their core business. “We would like to make a career out of it, if possible. Anyone would like to live off their passion. There are many opportunities to grow the company. We can have performance contracts, but we can also train like we do with camps during the summer. It allows us to train a lot and we pass on our knowledge to children, adolescents or adults. With the end of the summer season, it is more difficult for artists to train. Finding a 40-foot high room isn’t easy and is often very expensive. And even the opportunities to perform are fewer. But remember the name Cirque Misfits – you may soon see them flying on their trapeze at an event or festival.

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