Dan Bigras leaves the Refuge Show


“I’m leaving something important. I have puffs of sadness and relief… ”At the end of the line, we feel all the ambivalence that lives in Dan Bigras. The singer-songwriter announced Thursday that he would step down from his role as spokesperson and mastermind of the Show Refuge. “I arrived there. I did it when I was 32, I’m 64: it’s half my life!”

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Marco Cassivi

Marco Cassivi
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It’s more of a pang in his heart, he says, but it’s also a weight on his shoulders. She loved to stage this show since 1991 for the benefit of the Refuge des jeunes, which helps young people in need and homeless. But fatigue and anxiety, he explains, push him to pass the baton.

“I was very stressed,” he says. Put on a bad show, you get over it. But you do evil Show Refuge, fearing that the Refuge would close, it has always haunted me. The you-guys are like my little brothers. ”

He had postponed that decision for a few years, he said. You announced this to the leaders of the Refuge des Jeunes last March. He will still be at the helm of 32And Show in the shelteron 13 October at Tohu, which will be presented to the public for the first time since 2019 and broadcast on 30And once on Radio Canada television in December.

The guest artists, as usual, will be many and varied: Ginette Reno, Samian, Lulu Hughes, Guylaine Tanguay, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Luce Dufault, Yama, Isabelle Boulay and Yves Lambert.

There is nothing but the desire to preserve one’s health, Bigras explains. This is what prompted him to make this decision. His father died of a heart attack at the age of 57 and his grandfather at the age of 50. “I’m in good shape, but I want to keep chances on my side. I have less energy, not because of cancer [colorectal de stade 2 qui s’est déclaré en 2017], but chemotherapy. And then I had an accident [de VTT, en 2020] that left me with a metal collarbone. ends up consuming! ”

Its association with Show Refugerecalls, it was born from an idea of ​​France Labelle, general manager of the Refuge des jeunes, who saw him in the play by Jean-Pierre Coallier singing the phrase “I hope that elsewhere we are forgiven”, taken fromanimal angela poem by Gilbert Langevin that he set to music.

After two shows that did not air on television, in 1991 and 1992, his former producer Guy Latraverse suggested that Dan Bigras propose it to beautiful Sundays, on Radio Canada. “I found our show a little disappointed [l’animateur] Henri Bergeron and his mustache! he said laughing. But Guy was right. It was a great platform. I have enjoyed total freedom from Radio-Canada from the very beginning. ”

Let the Show Refuge reassured for the future of the Refuge des jeunes, but worried about the fate reserved for marginalized young people. “Personally, he says, if I have been able to show the public that it is not a waste, but that it needs love and help, I hope I have helped to change the way we look at these young people who suffer. ”

Dan Bigras will remain associated, whether he likes it or not, with the Show Refuge even after he leaves next month. “Anyway, I don’t want to cry. I will not be far. They know I’ll be there if they need me. ”


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