“Cocaine, prison and sympathies”: the exhibition of Isabelle


This is not the story of a “sugar daddy”, but rather that of a young woman, with no plan B, who has agreed to smuggle drugs abroad to build a new life.

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Isabelle Lagacé, convicted of drug trafficking and importation in Australia, lucidly and casually recounts what really happened on board the “Sea Princess”, in the new documentary series “Cocaine, prison & I like it: Isabelle’s true story”.

Cut into three episodes, Crave’s miniseries tackles the many facets that led this well-born girl to agree in 2016 to move cocaine via a luxury cruise, apparently popular with octogenarians.

Tired of asking for help, the woman, now 34, was offered a showcase: $100,000, a 49-night five-star cruise and full debt relief. An opportunity that would allow him to repair his bad credit after a toxic relationship and bankruptcy, to exit the world of bars and launch a 24-hour pho soup restaurant.

“A girl who finds herself in this situation is multifactorial,” the director of the miniseries, Sébastien Trahan, reminded the media on Monday.

With this in mind, the documentary delves into the story of Isabelle Lagacé, tracing the thread of events leading up to her arrest, from her past to the aftermath, to the person she has become. It focuses on the sometimes placid testimonies of the young woman, supported by those of her father Jacques, her friends, an ex-spouse and the journalists who followed the case.

It took three months to convince Mr. Lagacé to join the project, which lasted about five and a half months, with a stop in Australia, said the director.

“Father, I have waited until the end [pour le convaincre]. He too was very pissed about the negative media attention and people’s comments after the arrest. He did not agree that I participate in the project, but […] the human side of the documentary reassured him, then he accepted,” confides Isabelle Lagacé.

Do useful work

For the young woman, the documentary is an opportunity to set the record straight and tell what led her to make these choices, in the hope of helping those who might find themselves in the same situation, she explained, probably transformed by the prison she is in it was held for four and a half years.

“It’s not easy to get out of prison and start a new life, but it’s possible,” he said.

Two separate projects, two separate girls

Despite what one might think, it is not a great story of friendship that has brought Isabelle Lagacé and Mélina Roberge into the same boat. They shared good times aboard the cruise, Ms. Lagacé admits in the documentary, but nothing more.

The two women were involved in crime in completely different ways. And if Isabelle admitted her guilt before the Australian justice, Mélina Roberge, who shared the same cabin, she had initially denied everything en bloc, even if today she acknowledges her wrongs.

The latter to publish her version of events in the book “Without a filter”, launched in September. However, she declined the production’s requests to participate in the documentary.

The series “Cocaine, prison and the like: Isabelle’s true story” will be available on Crave on Friday, in French and English.


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