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“Sharing a giggle with someone is better than an orgasm,” exclaims Christine Morency, who intends to take her audience over the moon with Adornhis first show.

The scene, from the first episode of the documentary series by Z Christine Morency: No filter, seems from the outset only extravagant, but brings into the void, on closer inspection, something like a small allegory. Returned home after taking part in a recording of The week of the 4 Juliesthe comedian tries to unlock the phone, showing him his face.

Problem: With the layer of makeup covering its owner’s cheeks, the device does not recognize it. A bit as if his cell phone wants to remind him that it is the true face of him, not to mention the authenticity of him, that fascinates the audience so much.

“But I don’t have any credit,” she says of her inability to not be completely herself every second. “I couldn’t have a fake personality, that would be too much effort. I’m not tough enough for this. »

Full agenda

That last sentence couldn’t be more false, as Christine Morency’s schedule is overflowing this fall. But it is undeniable: it is this explosive alchemy of charisma and raw truth, impossible to falsify, which fuels the close relationship that the 36-year-old woman, born for the stage, maintains with her audience. Just listen to it for two minutes with a microphone in your hands to realize it.

“But it wasn’t always obvious to me,” says the one who grew up in a home kept at arm’s length from her mother (a hilarious and warm supporting character in her docu-series) and of whom Lise Dion was a childhood idol . “Young, at 8, 9, 10, I openly said I wanted to be a comedian. I’ve always had this desire to be the one whose jokes in the parties Christmas. »

But at some point I realized that, apart from my mother, people around me didn’t seem to believe it. It’s like I let myself be convinced that I had no right to dream about it, that I had to have a plan B.

Christine Morency

His plan B will be psychosocial intervention with the homeless, an experience he prefers to talk about in terms of gratitude, rather than the detour he could have done without before he got to the humor.

“The barriers, it was I who put them up, not believing in them myself. Improvisation too [son premier tremplin], it was a long time before I dared to do this. But at one point I was in a pass hard and my shrink made me realize the value i had, the benefits of loving yourself. Understanding that you have strengths, using them, is not bragging, it is knowing and loving yourself. »

Barriers fall

This means that Christine Morency, the humorist, was born quite recently. Since 2017, to be exact. It won’t take long, however, to enter the hearts of an audience that looks at her with the same familiar warmth of a niece or a fiance woman, thanks to an essentially good-natured humour, inspired by everyday life, but which does not escape more serious themes, such as fat phobia. Adorn will be no exception.

In the third installment of Christine Morency: unfiltered, the radio girl suffers a humiliation when the clothes chosen for her in anticipation of a photo shoot for her lunchtime show on Rouge FM turn out to be too skintight. And suddenly, you take measure: it’s not enough to accept yourself for life to be sweet, when you’re a fat person.

“That’s what’s difficult: Sometimes even public space isn’t for you,” she laments. We’re going to install an access ramp for wheelchair users, but the tables in the restaurant are screwed to the floor, so I can’t get on the bench. »

For years I was a fat person asking for things and being told to go somewhere else. Now I’m putting my foot down, because the next person who isn’t Christine Morency, I wish she wouldn’t feel guilty about asking for a chair that doesn’t pierce her hips.

Christine Morency

Are you afraid of feeding stereotypes about fat people by making fun of yourself? “Sometimes people do jokes great with themselves and this doesn’t make me laugh, because we feel that there is no shelter behind it. I’ve removed a lot of them from my show, because there shouldn’t be too many. But there are some that are funny that I will never take away, because the best thing about being able to laugh at something is that suddenly all the barriers come crashing down. »

Adorn by Christine Morency, November 29 and 30 and 1um December at Olympia and on tour throughout Quebec


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