Choristers, from father to son


The show Les Choristes, Michel Olivier Girard has played it dozens of times. But this year the experience will be very different as he will be sharing the stage with his son Rafael for the first time. And a few weeks before the first performances, one thing becomes obvious. “Of course I’m going to cry,” the actor announces with a laugh.

Meeting in a café in the north of the city, Michel Olivier Girard and his 10-year-old son Rafaël leave no doubts: the complicity that unites them is as evident as it is moving. In short, we know for a fact that the father is not bluffing when he gets excited by evoking their first stage performance, scheduled for December 28th.

“If we are together for salvation, I will definitely cry. No doubt about it. Living his first applause, hand in hand with him … just thinking about it, I am moved ”, says Michel Olivier Girard.

The actor will then reprise the role of Professor Langlois, a character he defended in Quebec three years ago. Meanwhile, his son Rafaël will lend his appearance to the young Caron, one of the boys of the boarding school for young people in difficulty where the plot is set, obviously, borrowed from the French film The choristersinternational success of 2004. The staging, again provided by Serge Denoncourt, will be revised and updated for this new series of performances.

Used to the scene

If Rafaël Girard is in his first role, the stage is no stranger to him. A member of the Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal, he has already hit various stages for masses and concerts, including those of the Maison symphonique de Montréal, earlier this year. He will also be present at the midnight mass at the Saint-Joseph rratorio.

However, the presence of his father by his side represents a significant “great comfort” for this first dramatic experience.

“I’m a lot less nervous because I know he’s going to be there. It really makes a big difference. And since my dad has already done the show, he can help me better prepare or answer my questions,” says the boy.

Rafaël Girard also does not hide his ambitions to follow in his father’s footsteps by undertaking the acting profession himself.

“I see my father working and I see myself doing the same later. I think I would have a lot of fun,” he says.

The Adventure of the Acolytes

On the sidelines of his acting career. Last year, Michel Olivier Girard launched himself into a completely new sector by marketing his very first range of liqueurs, Acolytes. This line has also improved, last month with a new product with the arrival on the shelves of a rum cream flavored with… root beer. A clear nod to the favorite soft drink of the A & W chain, of which he has been the spokesperson for 15 years now.

“It’s not just a passing thing; I am totally involved in this project. I made it to last,” she says.

The show Les Choristes will be presented at the Monument-National in Montreal starting December 28th.


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