Charlebois, Bruel, Cormier and Eicher at the SuperFrancoFête


Zachary Richard, Patrick Bruel, Stephan Eicher, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Louis-Jean Cormier and Robert Charlebois are among the thirty artists from 12 countries who will take part in the first edition of the SuperFrancoFête on August 31 at the Quebec Agora.

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Isabelle Vivier, content producer, Sylvain Parent-Bédard, founding president, and Jean-François Blais, director and producer of SISMYK.

Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

Isabelle Vivier, content producer, Sylvain Parent-Bédard, founding president, and Jean-François Blais, director and producer of SISMYK.

We will also find, on stage, Isabelle Boulay, Salebarbes, Corneille, Damien Robitaille and other artists from the Francophonie, during this evening which will be hosted by Garou, Angélique Kidjo and Nolwenn Leroy. There will be duets, trios and new numbers.

Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

This grand celebration of free French music and songs is a nod to the Superfrancofête that took place in 1974 in Quebec. A major cultural and sporting event with 100,000 festival attendees from 25 countries.

It was during this Superfrancofête that the mythical show I saw the wolf, the fox, the lion was presented in the Plains with Robert Charlebois, Félix Leclerc and Gilles Vigneault.

Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

“Our desire is to recreate this effervescence. We want it to be, from the very first edition, a unifying, meaningful and emblematic event “, said Sylvain Parent-Bédard, president and founder of SISMYK.

This event was initially to be presented in Tunisia in 2020 during the Francophonie Summit, and then postponed to 2022 for the Dubai Universal Exposition. COVID-19 decided otherwise.

Photo QMI Agency, Marcel Tremblay

“We wondered what the most beautiful place we could have had this event was and we realized that it was in Old Quebec that we wanted to see it,” said Jean-François Blais, director and director.

On radio and television

The SuperFrancoFête will be broadcast live by the radio stations of the Cogeco network and will then be presented, in various formats, on TVA, TV5 Québec-Canada and TV5 Monde. Talks are also underway with the main broadcasters of the French-speaking countries. A budget of three million has been established, with various partners, to build this event.

The lyrics will be read by Kim Thúy and Maka Kotto, and Fred Pellerin will be featured on video. There will also be dancers from Quebec’s DM Nation troupe. About twenty musicians and singers under the direction of Scott Price will be on the scoreboard.

“Thirty artists from all over the world will come to defend what you, in Quebec, have defended so well for so long, which is the French language song. We are happy to meet to be together, for the music, for the party, for the joy and in this city that I particularly like ”, Patrick Bruel launched in a video message.

Louis-Jean Cormier will draw on his repertoire and will also perform great Quebec songs. “I am very happy to take part in this wonderful Franco-Fête with so many famous artists. Anyone who knows me knows how much I have the French language tattooed on my heart. “, He said, during a video intervention.

The SuperFrancoFête is an event that will return every year.

“The Francophonie is vast. It is a show that will be here for a long time, ”noted Jean-François Blais.

A draw will determine who will get their hands on the 5000 available tickets. You can register on the website.

Featured artists

  • Jill Barber (British Columbia)
  • Good boy (Quebec)
  • Isabelle Boulay (Quebec)
  • Patrick Bruel (France)
  • Roberto Charlebois (Quebec)
  • Crow (Rwanda – Québec)
  • Louis Jean Cormier (Quebec)
  • Stephan Eicher (Swiss)
  • Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast)
  • Magic system (Ivory Coast)
  • Lying (Belgium)
  • Mula (Ivory Coast)
  • Zaccaria Richard (Louisiana)
  • Damien Robitaille (Ontario)
  • Rory (Belgium)
  • Salebeards (New Brunswick)
  • Kim Thuy (Vietnam – Quebec)
  • Maka Kotto (Cameroon – Quebec)
  • DM Country (Quebec)
  • Fred Pellerin (Quebec)


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