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What are the essentials to watch on Disney +? Here are some suggestions.

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Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

What would this film have been without Sam Raimi? However, many feared that the great Marvel machine would prevent Sam Raimi from expressing his particular style. Rest assured, Multiverse of madness bears his signature, especially the second half of the film: large threatening monsters, annoying little spirits, bloody heroes, disfigured corpses, violent deaths, sinister places, moments of suspense. All supported by the compositions of the great Danny Elfman: the combat of musical magic is exquisite.

Pascal Le Blanc

Ms. Marvel

The latest Marvel Universe miniseries, The Adventures of Kamala Khan, airs on Wednesdays. A good introduction to the character, which we will review The wonders, whose release is scheduled for July 28, 2023.

Maryse Tessier

Obi-Wan Kenobi

In Obi-Wan Kenobi, the title character watches over a young Luke Skywalker as he is haunted by the memories of his friend-turned-foe, Darth Vader. The first two episodes aired on Disney + on Friday May 27, and the next two episodes, one a week, will air on Wednesdays through June 22.

Pascal Le Blanc

Knight of the Moon

Egyptian director Mohamed Diab will direct two-thirds of the episodes, while the duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead will take care of the others. No matter who is behind the camera, there is a good dose of humor, breathtaking suspense and spectacular action. Let’s think about Indiana Jones it’s at tomb Raiderespecially for the scenes in Egypt.

Pascal Le Blanc

Born better than ever

Several themes are in fact addressed during the adventure, such as friendship, self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. Other aspects deserved to be better defined, such as the relationship between Nate’s mother and Aunt Heidi, whose reconciliation is barely hinted at in the scenes presented during the credits. This would have given more depth to this still entertaining film, which is aimed at a familiar audience.

Danielle Bonneau

Tammy Faye’s eyes

Tammy Faye’s eyes it has the merit of taking us back in time – the 1970s and 1980s – when the religious right became a political force whose influence, despite the scandals, continued to grow. This social aspect is not at the heart of the approach of the artisans in this film, but it nevertheless reveals something of the collective American unconscious.

Marc-André Lussier

summer of the soul

For the duration of the summer of the soul, there is also a benevolence of black artists and activists parading on stage. Fifty years later, we realize the importance of not burying the history of racialized communities in the furrow of oblivion.

Luc Boulanger

History of the west side

It is not said that the new version of History of the west side will outclass the History of the west side since 1961, rooted there for decades, but Steven Spielberg was right to want to refresh a job that deserves to be handed down to the new generations. He wins his bet hands down.

Marc-André Lussier


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